Featured: Octonauts Muffins and Kwazii Cake

kwazii cat birthday party theme

AJ’s Antics birthday party for her little boy with an Octonauts party theme.

I specially like two things about this party. The Octonauts cupcake and the Kwazii Cat cake. Just from looking at the pictures, they look like they’ll be easy for anyone to make at home.

Use an Octonaut cake topper for the muffin to make things easy  and the Kwazii cat cake  you can make using orange-colored icing, marshmallows and rolled-out licorice wheels for the patch.

Check it out.

kwazii cat birthday party theme

Featured: Octonauts Gup A Birthday Cake Idea

octonauts gup a birthday cake

Tiffany Ann recently had an Octonauts birthday party for her nephew. Here’s what she said about the party:

This was the cake I had for my nephew’s Octonauts Themed Birthday Party at an aquarium yesterday. Made by Nelia Raggiani. All edible, even the characters.

Octonauts centerpiece from BirthdayExpress.com, Ocean/Coral backdrop from Amazon.com, Colorful Starfish from OrientalTrading.com, beige starfish and sand dollars from the Christmas Tree Shop in Massachusetts — at Ocean Explorium

What a lovely cake. Check out the birthday boy, Gavin, with Captain Barnacles on the Gup-A.

octonauts birthday idea

octonauts gup a cake

gup a birthday cake

octonauts cake


If you’re thinking about having an Octonauts birthday party theme just like this one, here are some of the places to get the decorations.

Gup F Build A Gup

Gup F Build A Gup

Now your child can be just like Tweak and build his/her very own Gup. The Gup F Build A Gup is made of over 25 pieces that can be interchanged to make their very own Octonauts Gup at home.

Gup F Build A Gup


What’s Included:

Gup-F frame with rolling wheels: This serves as the main structure from which to build on. Using the different accessories listed below, many different kinds of Gups can be built.


  • 2 legs
  • 2 fins
  • tail fin
  • whale tail
  • anchor
  • 4 eyes,
  • mouth
  • rescue net
  • sirens
  • 2 fins
  • top fin
  • tail fin
  • seaweed moustache
  • tank treads
  • 4 fish wings
  • antenna
  • smokestack
  • camera
  • 2 claws


Recommended for ages 3 and above. This comes with a Gup blueprint to help build the gup

Customer Reviews

Parents are happy with the educational value of this toy. It’s a very easy building toy that even young kids can build — young kids who are more than likely the fanbase of the Octonauts tv series.

Children are also pleasantly surprised with the interactivity of this toys. Many of the Octonauts toys do encourage creative play but there’s not one at this time that would interests children who love to build things.

The Gup F Build A gup is the perfect toy for this.

 Octonauts Gup F Build-A-GupCheck Price Fisher-Price Octonauts Launch and Rescue Gup X VehicleCheck Price

Oh The Many Things You Can Build With The Gup F Toy

Gup F

Octonauts Figures Set And Packs

The first Octonauts figures were released last year in July. Back then, only Captain Barnacles and Kwazii cat were released, much to everyone’s disappointment.  Moreover, the more observant kids were in for a little shock, when the Captain and Kwazii that came with the Octopods and Gups were in clothes that they have never used in the television series. Nonetheless, many parents and kids were happy to finally have the Octonauts figures and toys available in time for upcoming birthdays and Christmas.

Octonauts Plush Toys Figures

The main Octonauts characters are available in 5″ and 8″ plush toys. As of this time, only the 5″ ones are readily available in the USA

Captain Barnacles Plush Toy

Kwazii Cat Plush figure -- not quasi
Kwazii Cat Plush Toy

Peso Plush figure
Peso Penguin Plush toy

Tweak Plush toy
Tweak Plush toy

Octonauts Action Figures

Here are the Octonauts action figures with partner packs.

Captain Barnacles Figure Sets

Octonauts Barnacles Figure sets

1 ) Barnacles and the Octopus creature pack

2) Barnacles and Tunip Playset

3) Gup D Playset with Captain Barnacles

4) Octonauts Barnacles on the go Pod

5) Barnacles Deep Sea Buggy

6) Barnacles and The Gup A (not pictured)

Kwazii Figure Sets



1) Kwazii and the Vampire Squid

2) Kwazii and Slime Eel playset

3) Kwazii’s Shipwreck Playset

4) Kwazii Octo Max Suite

5) Kwazii and the Gup B Playset

6) Kwazii & Tweak Bath Squirters

Peso Figures And Creature Packs

peso figure playsets

1) Peso and The Giant Comb Jelly Creature Pack

2) Peso Gup E Mission Vehicle

3) Peso and the Narwhal Set

4)  Peso’s Deep Sea Buggy

5) Peso & Barnacles Bath Squirters

6) Peso’s On the Go pod Infirmary

 Other Octonauts Figures Sets And Packs

octonauts creature packs

1) Shellington and Sea Urchin set

2) Tweak and the Giant Squid

3) Dashi and the Electric Torpedo ray

4) Tunip and the Cuttlefish creature pack

5) Professor Inkling and the Seahorse

6) Gup C and Shellington

How To Make Kwazii’s Ears & Tails

There’s a post on this site on how to make the Octonauts Kwazii costume from scratch. Check it out if you haven’t read it yet.

As I wrote in that tutorial, what makes a costume is really the details. So for Kwazii’s costume, think about Kwazii’s ears and tails and the three freckles (?) on each cheek.

It’s not easy to buy an orange ear and tail costume so this is most likely one of those things you will have to make yourself.

If you’re looking for tutorials on making cats ears and tails, here are some of the best ones that I’ve found. Many of these tutorials use black material so change this with orange/yellow to make them look exactly like Kwazii. Also, don’t forget that Kwazii’s right ear has little rip (?) from his swashbuckling days.

Is it cold where you are during Halloween? Here’s a cat ear hat using fleece material. A little sewing skill needed

Fashionably Jamie gives a short tutorial on making cats ears and tails. Very simple but you can get the basic idea of how to make one yourself. Forward to 0:55 if you want to get straight to the tutorial.

Super easy cat tail tutorial

And here’s a different way to make the cat’s ears with a plastic cup, fur fabric and super glue!