A Fun Octorrific Party

A Fun Octorrific Party

Octonauts party drink
Blue Jell-o anyone?

Krista from Playdatecrashers.com has just posted 2 blog posts of his son’s Octonauts birthday party! It looks super fun! Check out the blue jell-o and blue drinks. And get some ideas for some Octonauts fun and games.

As it is, there aren’t a lot of Octonauts merchandise for parties yet but Krista has made this Octonauts party a fun  one with what she got from Walmart and the Dollar Tree!

Check it out here

3 thoughts on “A Fun Octorrific Party

  1. Thanks so much for the feature! We had a great time and I hope our ideas will inspire someone else!

  2. Awesome Ideas!Now that I see there is Octonauts merchandise available I am going to have to have an Octonauts birthday partyfor him. My son loves Octonauts here in the US but I wish there was a DVD available to play in US DVD players. I have not found one yet!

    • I have had a look at that too, Kara. No DVD for US players yet I’m afraid.

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