Like many parents of preschoolers, I “secretly” fell in love with the Octonauts when my son started watching it. The Star-trekky feel of the whole gang and their adventures pulled the strings of my generation x-heart. And this is why I made this fan site of the Octonauts.

Our Favorite Octonauts Character

The 4-year old’s favorite character changes every day, but me and the husband have a special spot for Kwazii Cat. However, we are often made to play other characters during the course of our day with the 4-year old.

This Octonauts Fan Site

I try to put as much info as possible about the Octonauts on this site. But please remember, that this is a one-person project and I do not always have the time to update it every day. Please be patient.

If you have some new info about the Octonauts that I don’t know about, then you are more than welcome to share your news on this site as well. You can get it touch by using the contact page Here.

And here are some of the popular articles on this site:

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  1. Anyone know why Kwazii is referred to as she in the 2008 books?

    • I understand that this was a typo mistake on the first edition of the book and was later rectified in future publications.

  2. My Fave Character is Captain Barnacles X3 i think it’s because i have A LOT of toy Polar Bears and i think he’s cute, I even named one of them after him XD

  3. Thank you for setting up this site , my 4 year old daughter loves Octonauts and had an Octonauts Party last year .. There’s some great party stuff about ! Last World book day , I was required to make a Dashi outfit – if I can do it anyone can , anything can be achieved with wondaweb!!This year , I will be thinking about a Tweak costume ( easier!)
    I notice that in some Octonauts episode , Captain Barnacles has a definite Northern lilt …../ it comes and goes !!!

  4. If you really love octonauts,you should write about them on Wattpad. I read stories from their everyday. It is the best the since the books it self and if you haven’t read the books by Meomi then your missing out. By the way your website is really cool um… hoevade the this webite. 😉

    • Sorry for the mistakes.Also I’m now 15 years old is that too old to like octonauts?

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