Octonauts Gup B Toy

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Octonauts Gup B Toy
Kwazii's Favourite - the fastest of them all... the Octonauts Gup B Playset

Right now,  Fisher Price has made four Octonauts Gup Toys. These are the

All the gups come with a sea creature and an Octonaut (unfortunately, only Kwazii and Captain Barnacles are available for these sets).  The Gup A and the Gup D come with a Captain Barnacles Figure while the Gup B comes with Kwazii (naturally!).

These gups can both be played with on the floor and in the bath — a feature which I like as the my son usually gets into Octonauts mode as soon as his little toes hit the bath water. Each of these Gups have their own unique features too:

  • The Gup A has a propeller which you can crank to make it go on land and water
  • When you push the fin of the Gup B, the mouth opens and closes
  • The Gup D is quite fun in the water. By pushing his fin, the Gup D sinks and when you push it again, it floats. Pretty cool and lots of fun.


Octonauts Gup A Toy
Captain Barnacles Favorite - The Gup A Playset
Octonauts Gup D Toy
And this is the Gup D Playset --- Oh. Peso, You are dearly missed... Give us Peso!

As of time of writing, there are no other Gups available yet — not even in time for Christmas. I’ve read somewhere that Fisher Price plans to come up with more toys at the start of next year.

10 thoughts on “Buy Octonauts Gup Toys”

  1. My son love so much the Octonauts !! Where I can find the toys ??? I live in Canada and I hope to buy it for his birthay

    • I am from Canada as well and just ordered some toys from Amazon.com

      • I tried ordering off of the Amazon.com website, and it wouldn’t ship to me because I’m in Canada. What gives? Why are these so hard to find in Canada?

    • I just bought some at Toys R Us in Canada. They don’t have all the characters but they are brand new so maybe the rest will come in soon.

  2. does anyone have an idea of when the rest of the octonaught toys will be released, my son has the 3 gups available & he knows he is gettin the octopod from santa but he thinks all the characters are coming inside it & im a bit upset that i cant get my hands on them for him.
    please help x

  3. that is not how you spell (octonauts)saoirse oneill,& anybody know where to get octonaut toys my broter is dieing, he badly needs one before his birhday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and its on march the 22nd !!

  4. Toys R Us is the only place I know of where you can actually purchase these toys in person. (I’m in Ontario)

  5. I saw these Octonauts toys today at Target in Ontario, Canada! Octopod set, Gup B, Gup C, Peso and the Narwhal, Barnacles and the Octopus, Shellington and the Vampire Squid… And a few more. Plus a plush Kwazii and Barnacles. Happy shopping!

  6. I just bought quiet a few sets from target in Mississauga and the Walmart in Square one. I was surprised to find some even though on the website it said (not sold in store). Toysrus sells them too. Im having a really hard time finding the female characters to complete the set for my son. Does anyone know where I can find the Tweak and Dashi? I bought the Quazi and Barnical octo pods from target but can’t seem to find the ones with Peso and Shellington 🙁

  7. Target is closing down and has some of the Octonaut toys the playset etc. The prices drop. I found most of my son’s toys there


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