Captain Barnacles Costume

Octonauts Captain Barnacles Costumes – Make Your Own

Captain Barnacles CostumeHere are some ideas on how to make a Captain Barnacles costume at home.

The Outfit

Find something blue.

Let’s start with Captain Barnacles main outfit. Basically you need something blue. The easiest way to find this is to use a blue sweater and blue tights. Have one already? Great!

If you don’t have these two, you can sew a pair of blue trousers and a long-sleeved top that closely resembles the Captains clothes. There are many patterns that you can easily download online if you need some help.

Make Some Changes To A Ready-Made-Costume

Now another way to make the Captain Barnacles costume is to buy a costume that closely resembles Captain Barnacles get-up and then make some changes to it. Here are some ideas.

Disclaimer: I have not made this costume using the recommended items below. Proceed with caution. The main problem I can see with buying a separate top and pants from different sellers is that there may be a problem with a difference in color. But that probably won’t bother many kids.

First off, a blue shirt. You need a plain long-sleeved one like the ones below which you can get at Amazon (Click the image for details in Amazon)

For the trousers, buy scrubs and obv. use only the bottom part. Here’s one I found at Amazon

This even comes with a blue shoe cover which you can use for Barnacles boots too!

If you’re feeling lazy, you don’t even have to make a cap. Just use the one that comes with this costume and then glue in a Octonauts logo which we also have on this site.

Very IMPORTant:

If you buy this scrubs from Amazon, MAKE SURE you choose AS SHOWN for color rather than multicolored. For some reason on my computer, it automatically highlights the multicolored choice!


Blues Clues No More

I also think that someone more creative than me can do something with the costume on the right to make it look like Captain Barnacles

Yes, I know it’s Blue’s Clues but perhaps a little bit of cutting and chopping will do the trick?

Somebody also suggested on the site on using the blue thunderbirds costume which I think is an excellent idea. However, I have not found one for kids available online.

The Little Things Matter

Ok, now to really differentiate this Captain Barnacles costume from just a blue costume, we need to get the little details right.

  • First, the belt. Use a belt with a lighter color than the costume itself. He also has a little bag on the side – now I’m not quite sure what goes in that bag.
  • Secondly, don’t forget the collar. You can either sew one on or wear a blue shirt with a collar underneath the sweater.
  • Lastly, attach a white puffy tail in the back – every Polar bear needs one, even the Captain!

Captain Barnacles Paws

And don’t forget the paws– they’re as white as snow! Any white gloves or mittens should do!

But remember that he’s wearing blue boots. If your son has blue-colored boots, great. If not, simply cover the boots with blue cloth, or even better sew one that can easily cover the boots.

Can’t be bothered with the boots? Any blue trainers will do.

Captain Barnacles hat!

Refer to the hat tutorial on this site.

Get a white hat or a polar bear hat like the picture on the right. check out how it is used as Captain Barnacles by one creative mom!

Octonauts Captain Barnacles face

Paint the face white and don’t forget to use/paint a light blue moustache!

Final Words:

Well, with a little bit of creativity, there’s no reason for Captain Barnacles not to show up this Halloween night.

And do send us pictures of your Captain Barnacles costume so we can post them on here..


Oh wow wee! Look at what we got down there! I was just searching on Amazon for a possible Barnacles costume and I found this blue thermal set? How about that? HOW. ABOUT. THAT?

And if you can’t find these blue pajamas in your child’s size. Why not buy a white one and dye it blue? easy peasy lemon squeezy!!!


3 thoughts on “Octonauts Captain Barnacles Costumes – Make Your Own”

  1. I’m being him or my o.c. which is the female Cap. Barnacles which i’m using her name 4 Halloween ^-^

  2. Found perfect garanimal sweatpants and LS T-shirt at Walmart. Also consider covering your kid’s rainboots with the appropriate color blue socks!

  3. Hey I found a blue long sleeve top and some blue shorts and white leggings and blue socks ???? so lucky because my son wanted to dress up as him at school for fav tv show character. Good advice on this website ????


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