Get To Know Dashi From The Octonauts

Octonauts dashi plush toy

A Few Things About the Octonauts’ Dashi Dog

  • A sausage dog
  • She is the pod’s computer specialist and is in charge of the goings in and out of the Octopod.
  • She’s the official photographer
  • Had an Australian accent in the original Octonauts episodes in the UK
  • She’s the one in charge of the Octopod and often stays in to make sure things are running in order. But she sometime goes out too, notably the time she explored an underwater cave that turned out to be a whale shark
  • Dashi voice: Teresa Gallagher (UK Version)
  • She was named Sauci in the original book version

Octonauts Dashi Toys

Octonauts dashi plush toy
Dashi Plush toy – This is the smaller 5” one. I could not find the bigger 8” anywhere.
dashi and electric torpedo ray
Dashi and the Electric Torpedo ray creature pack


Octonauts Dashi – A video Tribute

This one includes Shellington and Dashi. The images of Dashi starts at 1:32

Dashi Get’s Swallowed by a Whale Shark


Octonauts Dashi Fan Pic

Meanwhile, around the interwebs, many Dashi fans are making their own drawings and (even Octonauts stories) about Dashi.. Here are some pics.

Queen Dashi
Queen Dashi
Octonauts dashi
Dashi with Peso and Kwazii
Dashi Emu
Dashi Emu