Octonauts Figures Set And Packs

The first Octonauts figures were released last year in July. Back then, only Captain Barnacles and Kwazii cat were released, much to everyone’s disappointment.  Moreover, the more observant kids were in for a little shock, when the Captain and Kwazii that came with the Octopods and Gups were in clothes that they have never used in the television series. Nonetheless, many parents and kids were happy to finally have the Octonauts figures and toys available in time for upcoming birthdays and Christmas.

Octonauts Plush Toys Figures

The main Octonauts characters are available in 5″ and 8″ plush toys. As of this time, only the 5″ ones are readily available in the USA

Captain Barnacles Plush Toy

Kwazii Cat Plush figure -- not quasi
Kwazii Cat Plush Toy

Peso Plush figure
Peso Penguin Plush toy

Tweak Plush toy
Tweak Plush toy

Octonauts Action Figures

Here are the Octonauts action figures with partner packs.

Captain Barnacles Figure Sets

Octonauts Barnacles Figure sets

1 ) Barnacles and the Octopus creature pack

2) Barnacles and Tunip Playset

3) Gup D Playset with Captain Barnacles

4) Octonauts Barnacles on the go Pod

5) Barnacles Deep Sea Buggy

6) Barnacles and The Gup A (not pictured)

Kwazii Figure Sets



1) Kwazii and the Vampire Squid

2) Kwazii and Slime Eel playset

3) Kwazii’s Shipwreck Playset

4) Kwazii Octo Max Suite

5) Kwazii and the Gup B Playset

6) Kwazii & Tweak Bath Squirters

Peso Figures And Creature Packs

peso figure playsets

1) Peso and The Giant Comb Jelly Creature Pack

2) Peso Gup E Mission Vehicle

3) Peso and the Narwhal Set

4)  Peso’s Deep Sea Buggy

5) Peso & Barnacles Bath Squirters

6) Peso’s On the Go pod Infirmary

 Other Octonauts Figures Sets And Packs

octonauts creature packs

1) Shellington and Sea Urchin set

2) Tweak and the Giant Squid

3) Dashi and the Electric Torpedo ray

4) Tunip and the Cuttlefish creature pack

5) Professor Inkling and the Seahorse

6) Gup C and Shellington

Back To School With An Octonauts Backpack With Front Pocket

It’s the start of the schoolyear again and what better way to go to school than with an Octonauts backpack?

Your preschooler/kindergartener is going to love this school bag  with the picture of Peso, Kwazii and Captain Barnacles on it (and “don’t forget its got the spiky pufferfish on it too, Mommy”  my son says!)



This bag can carry your preschoolers books to school or he can also use it for taking the Octonauts toys he/she has with him on a picnic or off to a make-believe underwater world.

What I love most about this Octonauts backpack is that it’s very easy to clean. All you need is to wipe it dry and voila! it’s clean. Great for busy parents like us!

Compared to other Octonauts bag, this one has a front pocket which is great for the extra little things your child wants easy access to. Plus it’s added “storage” as this isn’t the biggest of backpacks out there. Know more.

Ode To The Missing Peso Action Figure

Peso Plush figure

Peso Plush figureIn July last year, many parents and kids got an early Christmas present when the Octonauts toys were released a month earlier than it was scheduled to. Parents scrambled to the toy shops in the UK and in less than a week, many shops had ran out of stock.

This excitement fizzled out just as quickly when many realized that many of the Octonauts figures were not available yet. Sure we were happy to see the Octopod, Captain Barnacles, Kwazii Cat and the three gups– but where in the world was Peso? That’s right, one of the main characters was amiss – you can only imagine the crying that ensued when the 3-year olds realized there was no Peso.

So here’s a little something I made for that Peso figure we all missed!

An Ode To The Missing Peso Figure

Oh Peso, where art thou?
The Octopod has arrived
yet you are not in sight.

There’s the Captain and Kwazii
and the Gups A, B and D

But alas my dear Peso, I do not see thee.


And now for the good news!

New Octonauts toy have just been released and now include our ever helpful Peso medic – the Octonaut with the heart of gold! I’ve just noticed that there are now Peso figures, a peso shirt and a Peso plush toy. Yay.

So for all of you Peso fans, Click Here to see our Octonaut Peso page.

Octonauts Peso Plush and More…

Octonauts Peso Toy and bedding

Finally, after a long wait, Peso figures are now available for sale. It sure took a few months and a lot of patience from many Octonauts fans but our favorite medic is now available.

Octonauts Peso Toy and bedding

1) Peso Creature Pack:  £4.99 – £14.99

2) Octonauts Peso Narwhal : £9.99 – £21

3) Octonauts Peso Plush toy : £9.99 – £16:99

4) Flappity Flippers Peso Beach Towel: From £5.30

5) Peso blanket snuggie : From £8.53

Octonauts Cake Topper Ideas

cake topper

I wish I had the knack for cake-making. My “caking” skills are limited to making a plain ‘ole chocolate cake – anything more elaborate than that almost always ends in tears.

Then I discovered edible cake toppers – they’re like cake-magic. And they make people think you’ve got Martha Stewart skills.

Anyway, if you’re looking for the Octonauts cake toppers, here are some that you can buy and decorate your cake with.

Pre-Made Octonauts Cake Toppers

There are a few shops selling Octonauts toppers online. You can buy them off Ebay or Amazon. The ones below are from Amazon and look pretty good to me. Click the image for more details.

 1/4 Sheet Cake/Cupcake TopperBuy Octonauts Edible Image Cake Topper!!!Buy 1/8 Sheet Peso Birthday ~ Edible Cake/Cupcake Topper!!!Buy 1/4 Sheet Barnacles Birthday ~ Edible Cake/Cupcake Topper!!!Buy 1/4 Sheet Edible Image Cake/Cupcake Topper!!!Buy 3″ Rounc Kwazii Cake TopperBuy Octonauts Edible Frosting SheetBuy

Make Your Own Octonaut Cake Topper

If you don’t want to buy an edible one online, you can make your own “unedible one” using an a4 paper. This is what one mother did anyway and it seemed to work just as well.

All you need to do is print out an Octonauts picture from the net. Make it a little bit smaller than the cake you have. Simply put the picture on top of the cake, leaving a little bit of space around it. Decorate around the picture with icing. You can also add some sea figures or Octonauts figures online. Obviously, you have to take the paper out when slicing the cake, because you know, it’s paper.

THIS JUST IN!!!: I was just about to publish this post when I started searching for edible paper. And did you know that there are such things as edible paper? and EDIBLE INK? Aren’t I the most clueless person in the world?

Sea Figures

  1. 12pc sea creature cupcake picks – $1.85
  2. 12 pack Shark cupcake picks – $4-30
  3. 6 Sea party candles – $7.09

Another Idea

Decorate your cake with the sea theme. For info on how to make a sea theme cake, check out these sites which I featured on the Octonauts birthday theme party page

Then to give it an Octonauts twist, buy the Octonauts figures for sale online and use them as cake toppers. However, if money is really tight, you can also print out all the faces of the Octonauts, glue them on to a hard cardboard paper, cut them out and then glue them on to barbecue sticks. Stick these Octonauts-face-on-a-stick to the cake – voila! You’ve got your very own Octonauts cake. Easy as pie.