The Octonauts At The Birmingham National Sea Life Centre

The Octonauts And The Decorator Crab

The Octonauts And The Decorator CrabAs soon as you have a child who’s hooked to the Octonauts, the sea world becomes so much more exciting.

All these stories about Vampire Squids and Snapping shrimps are so fascinating that sooner or later, a trip to a marine sanctuary is going to be in one of your top five things of list to do as a family.

Since we’re in Spain right now, we plan to visit the Sea Life Centre in Benalmadena this summer. It’s not the biggest place for these things, but with the jellyfish and the shark reef in the centre, I know that my 4 year old will be entranced for days.

Anyway, this is not why I’m writing this post.

The National Sea Life Centre in Birmingham is going to have lots of Octonauts-themed activities from June 2-24, 2012. How exciting is that?

Some of the activities include:

  • A special quiz trail will have them exploring the Centre just like the crew of the Octopod on their latest underwater mission.
  • Badge-making sessions will give them the chance to decorate and keep their very own Octonaut badges
  • There’s an Octonaut arts & crafts area set aside where they can vent their painting, drawing and other creative skills to their hearts’ contents.

And get this, there will also be occassional visits from Captain Barnacles himself and Kwazii Cat!

Are you going? If you are, please do send us some pics to post on the site!

Important Information You Need To Know If You’re Going


The Octonauts Have Landed On The US Of A

The Octonauts In USA

The Octonauts In USAYes. That’s right! The Octonauts have finally crossed the pond and are now rocking at the US of A!

The program debuted January 9 of this year and judging from the traffic this site is getting, it seems that kids and parents are quickly becoming big fans of the tv series.

Big shout out to all the US Octonauts fans…

Here are some info on the Octonauts Show in the USA

  • The Octonauts schedule on the Disney Junior channel: weekdays: 11.30 am ET/PT – weekends: 7:00 am
  • A lot of you have been asking about Octonauts toys. From what I can see,  the toys are not yet available in US toy shops. They are however available online. If you go to the Octonauts toys page on this site, you will notice that some of the toys are being sold by online retailers based in the USA. They’re quite pricey.

    But I’m no longer surprise about this.  There doesn’t seem to be enough of the Octonauts toys around and the price can go as high as twice or 3x the usual price. I can only imagine the commotion that will ensue come Christmas time!