Featured: Octonauts Muffins and Kwazii Cake

kwazii cat birthday party theme

AJ’s Antics birthday party for her little boy with an Octonauts party theme.

I specially like two things about this party. The Octonauts cupcake and the Kwazii Cat cake. Just from looking at the pictures, they look like they’ll be easy for anyone to make at home.

Use an Octonaut cake topper for the muffin to make things easy  and the Kwazii cat cake  you can make using orange-colored icing, marshmallows and rolled-out licorice wheels for the patch.

Check it out.

kwazii cat birthday party theme

Featured: Octonauts Gup A Birthday Cake Idea

octonauts gup a birthday cake

Tiffany Ann recently had an Octonauts birthday party for her nephew. Here’s what she said about the party:

This was the cake I had for my nephew’s Octonauts Themed Birthday Party at an aquarium yesterday. Made by Nelia Raggiani. All edible, even the characters.

Octonauts centerpiece from BirthdayExpress.com, Ocean/Coral backdrop from Amazon.com, Colorful Starfish from OrientalTrading.com, beige starfish and sand dollars from the Christmas Tree Shop in Massachusetts — at Ocean Explorium

What a lovely cake. Check out the birthday boy, Gavin, with Captain Barnacles on the Gup-A.

octonauts birthday idea

octonauts gup a cake

gup a birthday cake

octonauts cake


If you’re thinking about having an Octonauts birthday party theme just like this one, here are some of the places to get the decorations.

Easy To Make Octonauts Birthday Cakes

Octonauts birthday cake

Here are some ideas for making Octonauts birthday cakes.

Captain Barnacles Bear - Octonauts Cake

This is a very easy cake to make. One that anyone with limited cake decorating skills can do.

The secret? Fondant icing.  You can buy this ready made online. Just buy the white one and add coloring.

You can also make fondant at home if you have the time.

Alice's Octonaut Cake
You just need the Gup B and you’re good to go. You can make the cake any way you like. Prop a Gup and some sea creature figures on the top, and you’re good to go.

Octopod Birthday Cake
This one may look a bit complicated at first glance, but it really isn’t. What it is though is time consuming. You need to make one cake for the main Octopod and four smaller cakes for the pods.

Then you need to make lots of orange icing to cover all the pods. As for the rest of the fancy stuff to make it look like the Octopod, I suggest you go to your nearest candy shop and find some sweets that you can use to decorate the cake with.
Ready to make one of your very own Octonauts birthday cake creation? Great!! Don’t forget to send us a pix so we can post it here.

A Fun Octorrific Party

Octonauts party drink
Octonauts party drink
Blue Jell-o anyone?

Krista from Playdatecrashers.com has just posted 2 blog posts of his son’s Octonauts birthday party! It looks super fun! Check out the blue jell-o and blue drinks. And get some ideas for some Octonauts fun and games.

As it is, there aren’t a lot of Octonauts merchandise for parties yet but Krista has made this Octonauts party a fun  one with what she got from Walmart and the Dollar Tree!

Check it out here

Octonauts Cake Topper Ideas

cake topper

I wish I had the knack for cake-making. My “caking” skills are limited to making a plain ‘ole chocolate cake – anything more elaborate than that almost always ends in tears.

Then I discovered edible cake toppers – they’re like cake-magic. And they make people think you’ve got Martha Stewart skills.

Anyway, if you’re looking for the Octonauts cake toppers, here are some that you can buy and decorate your cake with.

Pre-Made Octonauts Cake Toppers

There are a few shops selling Octonauts toppers online. You can buy them off Ebay or Amazon. The ones below are from Amazon and look pretty good to me. Click the image for more details.

 1/4 Sheet Cake/Cupcake TopperBuy Octonauts Edible Image Cake Topper!!!Buy 1/8 Sheet Peso Birthday ~ Edible Cake/Cupcake Topper!!!Buy 1/4 Sheet Barnacles Birthday ~ Edible Cake/Cupcake Topper!!!Buy 1/4 Sheet Edible Image Cake/Cupcake Topper!!!Buy 3″ Rounc Kwazii Cake TopperBuy Octonauts Edible Frosting SheetBuy

Make Your Own Octonaut Cake Topper

If you don’t want to buy an edible one online, you can make your own “unedible one” using an a4 paper. This is what one mother did anyway and it seemed to work just as well.

All you need to do is print out an Octonauts picture from the net. Make it a little bit smaller than the cake you have. Simply put the picture on top of the cake, leaving a little bit of space around it. Decorate around the picture with icing. You can also add some sea figures or Octonauts figures online. Obviously, you have to take the paper out when slicing the cake, because you know, it’s paper.

THIS JUST IN!!!: I was just about to publish this post when I started searching for edible paper. And did you know that there are such things as edible paper? and EDIBLE INK? Aren’t I the most clueless person in the world?

Sea Figures

  1. 12pc sea creature cupcake picks – $1.85
  2. 12 pack Shark cupcake picks – $4-30
  3. 6 Sea party candles – $7.09

Another Idea

Decorate your cake with the sea theme. For info on how to make a sea theme cake, check out these sites which I featured on the Octonauts birthday theme party page

Then to give it an Octonauts twist, buy the Octonauts figures for sale online and use them as cake toppers. However, if money is really tight, you can also print out all the faces of the Octonauts, glue them on to a hard cardboard paper, cut them out and then glue them on to barbecue sticks. Stick these Octonauts-face-on-a-stick to the cake – voila! You’ve got your very own Octonauts cake. Easy as pie.