Gup F Build A Gup

Gup F Build A Gup

Now your child can be just like Tweak and build his/her very own Gup. The Gup F Build A Gup is made of over 25 pieces that can be interchanged to make their very own Octonauts Gup at home.

Gup F Build A Gup


What’s Included:

Gup-F frame with rolling wheels: This serves as the main structure from which to build on. Using the different accessories listed below, many different kinds of Gups can be built.


  • 2 legs
  • 2 fins
  • tail fin
  • whale tail
  • anchor
  • 4 eyes,
  • mouth
  • rescue net
  • sirens
  • 2 fins
  • top fin
  • tail fin
  • seaweed moustache
  • tank treads
  • 4 fish wings
  • antenna
  • smokestack
  • camera
  • 2 claws


Recommended for ages 3 and above. This comes with a Gup blueprint to help build the gup

Customer Reviews

Parents are happy with the educational value of this toy. It’s a very easy building toy that even young kids can build — young kids who are more than likely the fanbase of the Octonauts tv series.

Children are also pleasantly surprised with the interactivity of this toys. Many of the Octonauts toys do encourage creative play but there’s not one at this time that would interests children who love to build things.

The Gup F Build A gup is the perfect toy for this.

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Oh The Many Things You Can Build With The Gup F Toy

Gup F

Octonauts Figures Set And Packs

The first Octonauts figures were released last year in July. Back then, only Captain Barnacles and Kwazii cat were released, much to everyone’s disappointment.  Moreover, the more observant kids were in for a little shock, when the Captain and Kwazii that came with the Octopods and Gups were in clothes that they have never used in the television series. Nonetheless, many parents and kids were happy to finally have the Octonauts figures and toys available in time for upcoming birthdays and Christmas.

Octonauts Plush Toys Figures

The main Octonauts characters are available in 5″ and 8″ plush toys. As of this time, only the 5″ ones are readily available in the USA

Captain Barnacles Plush Toy

Kwazii Cat Plush figure -- not quasi
Kwazii Cat Plush Toy

Peso Plush figure
Peso Penguin Plush toy

Tweak Plush toy
Tweak Plush toy

Octonauts Action Figures

Here are the Octonauts action figures with partner packs.

Captain Barnacles Figure Sets

Octonauts Barnacles Figure sets

1 ) Barnacles and the Octopus creature pack

2) Barnacles and Tunip Playset

3) Gup D Playset with Captain Barnacles

4) Octonauts Barnacles on the go Pod

5) Barnacles Deep Sea Buggy

6) Barnacles and The Gup A (not pictured)

Kwazii Figure Sets



1) Kwazii and the Vampire Squid

2) Kwazii and Slime Eel playset

3) Kwazii’s Shipwreck Playset

4) Kwazii Octo Max Suite

5) Kwazii and the Gup B Playset

6) Kwazii & Tweak Bath Squirters

Peso Figures And Creature Packs

peso figure playsets

1) Peso and The Giant Comb Jelly Creature Pack

2) Peso Gup E Mission Vehicle

3) Peso and the Narwhal Set

4)  Peso’s Deep Sea Buggy

5) Peso & Barnacles Bath Squirters

6) Peso’s On the Go pod Infirmary

 Other Octonauts Figures Sets And Packs

octonauts creature packs

1) Shellington and Sea Urchin set

2) Tweak and the Giant Squid

3) Dashi and the Electric Torpedo ray

4) Tunip and the Cuttlefish creature pack

5) Professor Inkling and the Seahorse

6) Gup C and Shellington

Get To Know Dashi From The Octonauts

Octonauts dashi plush toy

A Few Things About the Octonauts’ Dashi Dog

  • A sausage dog
  • She is the pod’s computer specialist and is in charge of the goings in and out of the Octopod.
  • She’s the official photographer
  • Had an Australian accent in the original Octonauts episodes in the UK
  • She’s the one in charge of the Octopod and often stays in to make sure things are running in order. But she sometime goes out too, notably the time she explored an underwater cave that turned out to be a whale shark
  • Dashi voice: Teresa Gallagher (UK Version)
  • She was named Sauci in the original book version

Octonauts Dashi Toys

Octonauts dashi plush toy
Dashi Plush toy – This is the smaller 5” one. I could not find the bigger 8” anywhere.
dashi and electric torpedo ray
Dashi and the Electric Torpedo ray creature pack


Octonauts Dashi – A video Tribute

This one includes Shellington and Dashi. The images of Dashi starts at 1:32

Dashi Get’s Swallowed by a Whale Shark


Octonauts Dashi Fan Pic

Meanwhile, around the interwebs, many Dashi fans are making their own drawings and (even Octonauts stories) about Dashi.. Here are some pics.

Queen Dashi
Queen Dashi
Octonauts dashi
Dashi with Peso and Kwazii
Dashi Emu
Dashi Emu

Octonauts Gup E Toy Vehicle

Gup E toy vehicle

The Gup-E which is the Octonauts’ very own version of an “ambulance”  can now be part of your child’s fantasy undersea world.

gupeThe Gup E toy vehicle comes with Peso and much like the other gup toys, this is both water and land friendly.  The gup E toy has a back and front compartment which can fit Octonaut figures (now I’m sure you can already imagine your little one playing with this!)

This gup can be your child’s little gup submarine in the bath. There are two doors attached by a hinge. One door where the Octonauts can sit does not allow water to go in. However, the other door can be pushed open as the gup submerges then releasing the three fish (now that they’re all healthy and well!) out into the water.

This is smaller than the other toy gups but still just as good value for money.

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Introducing The gup toys including the Gup E

Releasing the fish as the gup goes down
Gup E toy vehicle
gup e toy vehicle


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Octonauts Gup X Toy – The Shoot And Rescue Vehicle

Octonauts gup x toy

Gup X ToyHere’s the surprise present which Tweak gave to Captain Barnacles during the Great Christmas rescue. A gup like no other.

The Octonauts Gup X shoot and Rescue vehicle toy is much bigger than the other gups for sale (obviously!). It is three different toys in 1 and is so far, the only Gup toy that is battery-powered.

“It’s the strongest and toughest gup even big falling rocks can’t squash it. It can also squirt slime and can be cut in half!”

This was what my son said when I asked him about the Gup X and this toy has cleverly made the Gup X toy have all these extra special features that make the Gup X what its.

See for yourself

It’s the strongest gup…

Octonauts gup x toy

It can be cut in half..


gup x rescue vehicle
Gup X 3 in 1

The gup X shoots slime…

Cool huh? What are you waiting for?


 Fisher-Price Octonauts Launch and Rescue Gup X VehicleCheck Price Octonauts – Gup-X To The Rescue – 35 Piece Jigsaw PuzzleCheck Price

A Quick Look At The Octonauts Gup X Shoot And Rescue Vehicle