Octonauts Gup C Toy

Buy Gup c toy

Buy Gup c toyThe Octonauts Gup C toy was just recently released by Fisher and Price. And boy did it make a lot of little kids who love Shellington very happy.

Together with this gup is none other than the great marine biologist Shellington the Otter. She’s again in a suit we do not recognize like some of the other Octonauts figures for sale, but it does look very much like Dr. Shellington herself! So any little Octonauts fan will have lots of creative play with this, too.

Included Accessories & Features

  • Shellington
  • a water squirting Whale
  • Has a towline for rescuing sea creatures who are in a little bit of a pickle
  • Works in water too

 Gup C Toy With Shellington

Make Your Own Gup C Toy

If you have the knack for making things, then perhaps you might want to make your own toy instead. Here’s what one Mama did.

I believe this includes balloons and paper mache. Don’t ask me, I’m absolutely clueless when it comes to crafts.

Helmamallama is the coolest  Mom of an Octonauts fan. Can you imagine making the whole Octonauts fleet? I can see a very happy boy and a pretty good crafter too… I can only wish I could borrow her hands!!!

Here’s a pic of the Gup C Toy. One of the many Octonauts toys she made for her son. Go check her out at helmamallama.blogspot.com

Octonauts Gup C Toy - DIY

Octonauts Gup A Toy: Mission Vehicle Playset

The Octonauts Gup a vehicle is the Captain’s favorite gup. Never mind that the Captain that comes with the toys is in a red suit, the Gup A toy still looks exactly the same as the one on the show so your son/daughter should be happy to have this to play with.

Apart from the Gup A, this playset also comes with the following accessories:

  • Angler fish
  • Hook and net
  • attached arm grabber

This toy can wobble on land and floats rather well on water too. The front part of this toy can be opened and is just the perfect place for Barnacles to save all the lost sea creatures.

This is a big toy and is easily many fans favorite gup toy (wait till the Gup X is released!). Your child will surely have loads of fun with the Octonauts Gup A toy.

Octonauts Gup A toy and playset

The Octonauts Gup A Toy In Action

Here’s a quick video from Argos to give you an idea on what the Octonauts gup A mission and vehicle playset looks.

And here’s another one your child might just be happy about.

Octonauts Gup-B Kwazii And Shark Playset

Gup B Kwazii And Shark Playset

Oh look who’s here. It’s the cheekiest, funniest pirate in the deep blue sea and his favorite sea vehicle, the Gup-B. We recently bought the Octonauts Gup-B Kwazii and shark playset which includes:

  • Gup B which opens its mouth when you push the fin. This also squirts out water when it’s played in the bath
  • a shark that changes color (well, the shark’s stripes)
  • a rope
  • and of course Kwazii,the fun-loving and irresistibly loveable cat


This toy arrives in a box (handy for Octonauts crafts!) with all three figures firmly tied to it. Get a pair of scissors ready coz’ taking these things out will be almost impossible – imagine doing that with a very excitable 3-year old who can’t wait to get his/her hands on Kwazii and the Gup B Shark playset!

Octonauts Gup B Review

Child: Oh. I love Kwazii and the Gup-b. Can I go for a bath now, please?

In The Bath

Mom: “It says in the package that the shark changes color and that Kwazii squirts water. That shark is still exactly the same color……. Can I borrow it for a bit to check how Kwazii does the squirting?

After a minute of fiddling with it (super duh moment!)

Mom: Right, I’m sure it squirts. You’ll figure it out. (leaves)

Less than 15 seconds later,

Child: Mommy! Mommy! Come quick! Look the Gup-b’s squirting water now! Octonauts to your stations!

So that’s what happened the day we got the Gup-B. The child was immediately lost in Octonauts land. I, of course noticed the wrong Kwazii suit (never saw this color in any of the episodes) and the see-through Gup-b cover looked like it would not stand a day of boys play.

The child didn’t care about Kwazii’s suit and the Gup-b is still in tact and very much loved.

Where To Buy the Octonauts GUP-B and Kwazii

The Gup B and Kwazii toy is now available in the Us, but you can buy them online at Amazon. In the UK, they’re pretty much in a lot of online stores at extortionate prices. However, Amazon and Argos do offer them at a good price. Buy Octonauts GUP B on Amazon here.

The Gup B Toy In Pictures

Here’s what you get when you buy the Octonauts Gup B

Octonauts Gup B Toy
The box
Gup B Toy Playset
The Gup and the See Through Cover

 Fisher-Price Octonauts Flying Fish GUP-B PlaysetCheck Price Fisher-Price Octonauts Gup B PlaysetCheck Price

Ode To The Missing Peso Action Figure

Peso Plush figure

Peso Plush figureIn July last year, many parents and kids got an early Christmas present when the Octonauts toys were released a month earlier than it was scheduled to. Parents scrambled to the toy shops in the UK and in less than a week, many shops had ran out of stock.

This excitement fizzled out just as quickly when many realized that many of the Octonauts figures were not available yet. Sure we were happy to see the Octopod, Captain Barnacles, Kwazii Cat and the three gups– but where in the world was Peso? That’s right, one of the main characters was amiss – you can only imagine the crying that ensued when the 3-year olds realized there was no Peso.

So here’s a little something I made for that Peso figure we all missed!

An Ode To The Missing Peso Figure

Oh Peso, where art thou?
The Octopod has arrived
yet you are not in sight.

There’s the Captain and Kwazii
and the Gups A, B and D

But alas my dear Peso, I do not see thee.


And now for the good news!

New Octonauts toy have just been released and now include our ever helpful Peso medic – the Octonaut with the heart of gold! I’ve just noticed that there are now Peso figures, a peso shirt and a Peso plush toy. Yay.

So for all of you Peso fans, Click Here to see our Octonaut Peso page.

Octonauts Peso Plush and More…

Octonauts Peso Toy and bedding

Finally, after a long wait, Peso figures are now available for sale. It sure took a few months and a lot of patience from many Octonauts fans but our favorite medic is now available.

Octonauts Peso Toy and bedding

1) Peso Creature Pack:  £4.99 – £14.99

2) Octonauts Peso Narwhal : £9.99 – £21

3) Octonauts Peso Plush toy : £9.99 – £16:99

4) Flappity Flippers Peso Beach Towel: From £5.30

5) Peso blanket snuggie : From £8.53