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Octonauts Gup B Toy
Octonauts Gup B Toy
Kwazii's Favourite - the fastest of them all... the Octonauts Gup B Playset

Right now,  Fisher Price has made four Octonauts Gup Toys. These are the

All the gups come with a sea creature and an Octonaut (unfortunately, only Kwazii and Captain Barnacles are available for these sets).  The Gup A and the Gup D come with a Captain Barnacles Figure while the Gup B comes with Kwazii (naturally!).

These gups can both be played with on the floor and in the bath — a feature which I like as the my son usually gets into Octonauts mode as soon as his little toes hit the bath water. Each of these Gups have their own unique features too:

  • The Gup A has a propeller which you can crank to make it go on land and water
  • When you push the fin of the Gup B, the mouth opens and closes
  • The Gup D is quite fun in the water. By pushing his fin, the Gup D sinks and when you push it again, it floats. Pretty cool and lots of fun.


Octonauts Gup A Toy
Captain Barnacles Favorite - The Gup A Playset
Octonauts Gup D Toy
And this is the Gup D Playset --- Oh. Peso, You are dearly missed... Give us Peso!

As of time of writing, there are no other Gups available yet — not even in time for Christmas. I’ve read somewhere that Fisher Price plans to come up with more toys at the start of next year.

Buy Ravensburger Octonauts Puzzle

Ravensburger Octonauts Puzzle
Ravensburger Octonauts Puzzle
Ravensburger Octonauts Puzzle, 3 in 1

This is the 3 x in version of the Ravensburger Octonauts Puzzle. Lots of hours for the little ones.

There are three different puzzles in the box with 25, 36 and 49 pieces.  Unless you’ve got a really advanced kid, toddlers will not appreciate this so much yet. This is recommended for ages 4 years and up.


Here are the images of the 3 Octonauts puzzles

Octonauts Puzzle

Octonauts Jigsaw Puzzle

Octonauts Jigsaw Puzzle

How To Build The Octonauts Octopod

I once made the Octonauts Octopod following the instructions in the Cbeebies Magazine. I thought it was pretty good.

But then Gillian, who won our Cbeebies magazine contest, sent me a picture of the Octopod that she made with her kids and I realized mine wasn`t that good at all. Gillian’s Octopod is amazing, as you can see and puts mine to shame.

So anyway, Gillian has kindly shared the photos for me to post here. I’m sure with the pictures and instructions, anyone of you crafty parents can make one with your kids as well.

The Octonauts Octopod: The Finished Product

Materials Needed:

  • 8 transparent food containers  – this is for the pods/rooms
  • 2 salad bowls
  • bucket
  • orange spray paint
  • duct tape
  • petrol can spouts
  • pipe cleaners
  • wood dowels
  • pictures of the pod rooms (garden, library, hospital and bedroom), launch bay, and control room
  • cardboard panel

Making The Octopod

1) Print a good picture of the Octopod as a model. Gillian used this picture below.  Click the image for a bigger picture if you want to print.

2) Cover the pipe cleaners with duct tape.

3) Drill a hole through FOUR of the containers and drill 4 holes on one of the salad containers. Make sure it is just the right size for the pipe cleaners to fit snugly.

[box type=”info”] This is probably going to be the trickiest part of this building an Octopod business. If you want your Octopod to look as amazing as Gillian’s, take some time doing this.[/box]

4) Cover about 60 to 75% of the 4 other containters (without the holes) with wire wool (or any material that will protect the container from being painted on).  This is so that that part will not get painted on.

Making Of The Octopod

5)  Lay all containers and on your working surface for painting. Make sure you use a protective mat or shower curtain so that the paint will not ruin your floor or table!

6) With all your containers ready for painting, use the spray paint and spray away.  Apparently a very fun exercise.

7) Wait for the paint to dry.

8) When the paint dries,  give it a second coating of paint if you want or move on to the next steps.

9) Attach the pipe cleaners to the salad bowl and the container.

10) Attach wooden dowels to the pod arms to make them more secure.

[box type=”info”] This may seem like an unnecessary step specially if you’ve got pipes that are very snug to to the holes. But if you want your Octopod to last a 3 year olds endless play, then don’t forget to do this step.[/box]

11) Make the Octohatch using pipe cleaners.

12) Use super glue to attach the metal washers for eyes and the pipe cleaners for the octohatch.

13) Glue the  control room to the outside of the top bowl.

14) Cut the pod room pictures to fit each pod. Then add them on to each pod room.

15) Place a cardboard panel over the wood dowels and glue a picture of the launch bay.

16) Cut the rim of four of the containers, so it will snugly fit as a cover to the pods.

17) Attach the pod lids to the base with a super glue.

18) Attach the bucket to the base of the Octopod and voila… you’ll have your Octopod all ready for hours and hours of play.

About Gillian: When Gillian’s not busy making Octopods, she teaches parents and babies to communicate with each other using baby signs. Visit her at Baby Signs With Gillian

Buy Octonauts Octopod Playset By Fisher Price

Octonauts Octopod Playset

This is the all new Octonauts Octopod Playset that everyone is talking about. It looks cool and even much better in the flesh.

Octonauts, to the Launch Bay!

The Octopod toy together with  a few other Octonauts toys were released in July last year. These toys are now available at toy shops in the UK and can be purchased online from US based retailers

Amazon offen offers a DISCOUNT on the Octonauts Octopod Playset. In Stock Right now.

Octonauts Octopod Playset Features

The Octonauts Octopod Playset looks very much like the Octopod in the show.  It comes with 10 other figures which are the

  • Kwazii figure
  • Barnacles figure
  • 3 sea creatures
  • Stretcher
  • net
  • barrel
  • anchor
  • mini Gup- A
  • Octo alert

The Octopod together with these other figures can easily lead your child to the Octo world.

This a great toy for creative play.  Expect your child to be talking about pirates and their parrots, being stuck in a whale shark or suddenly saying, “This is the life!” and then singing “The Ocean life is the life for me…”

A Few Fun Things When Playing The Octopod Toy

The Octopod has a few features which are noted to be of great interest to the  kids (apart from the fact that IT IS the Octopod they’re playing with)

  • The Octo alert is removable and so your child can pretend it’s Captain Barnacles Octocompass.  Really fun at the start and very entertaining for younger kids.
  • The Gup-a that comes with the toy can slide down the Octo shaft

This Octopod only comes with Kwazii and Captain Barnacles. I don’t know why this missed Peso on this one when he’s one of the main characters. Fisher Price says the other figures will be available in January 2012

Fisher Price Octopod Playset Review

Initial reviews of the Fisher Price Octopod Playset are very positive. This gets a 4.5 star rating from Amazon,  5 stars by Argos buyers and a 4-star by ToysRus consumers.

This is recommended for 3 years old and above but some parents have said that older 2 year olds can play with it (with supervision of course).

It’s a good toy that can entertain preschoolers very easily.  The only problem that parents and some kids have as mentioned above is that it doesn’t come with Peso Penguin.

Octopod Playset Price

The Octopod playset retails for £34. However, some online retailers occasionally sell this for as low as £20.

Unfortunately, a lot of shops seem to be out of stock of the Octopod Playset. So my advice is that if you see it available online and you know you really want it, then buy it right away.

Octonauts Octopod Playset In Stock

I’ll regularly try to find the best price for Octonauts toys for you and check if Octonauts octopod playset is in stock. So keep coming back to this page.

Just click the link below to lead you to the site when it’s in stock.

  • Amazon : Available both in the UK and US sites. Just click the link to lead you to the site.
  • Argos :
  • ToysRUs:

 Fisher-Price Octonauts Octopod PlaysetCheck Price Octonauts Octopod Playset – Octonauts Octopod PlaysetCheck Price

The Older Post On The Octonauts Octopod Playset

The article below was what I wrote on this page at the time the Octopod playset was launch in August.  I’m leaving it here in case some of you still wants to read it.

You can still make your own Octonauts Octopod playset, refer to Jillians octopod making instructions.

So the Octonauts Octopod playset is now for sale at many UK toy shops — a month before it was set to launch.

Many parents have rushed to the shops to buy a complete set of Octopod,  Gups and Octonauts in exchange for the smiles and shrieks of excitement that only a 3-year old can give.

The Octopod looks pretty cool from the pictures I see online. I just know my 3-year old will go crazy when he sees the “tow-line” that comes out of Kwazii’s room (or Tweaks?).

The little one’s getting an Octopod playset for his birthday in August. It’s not cheap at £35. I know he would be just as thrilled if he gets only the Kwazii and the Gup-B at £15, but have you seen what the Octopod looks like? “Que cholo!” as my 3-year old would say.

Anyway, we made an Octopod the other day (courtesy of the Cbeebies Special Octonauts Magazine) made of yoghurt pots and paper tubes and that was a great success. The kid ran around with it in the house which inevitably left one of the “pods” flying in mid-air. No problem Tweak was there to put the Octopod back in shape!

Octopod Toy
The “Control Pod” was a bit too small but it made one little boy happy.

Octonauts Toys Fisher Price Merchandise For Sale

Octopod Octonauts

There are a couple companies which are due to release some Octonauts toys this year, but as far as we can see, Octonauts Toys by Fisher Price are the ones which will be launched this August. (Ravensburger is set to come out with a a few puzzles by the end of the year!)

A few sites online already have a photo of what the toys look like and we are uber excited!

[box type=”info”] They’re out! They’re out! It’s only the end of June but you can now buy the Octonauts Toys at Smyths Toys. Other toy shops should have them soon as well! You can also CLICK HERE to buy them from Amazon![/box]

My three year old saw the pic of the Octonauts Octopod playset and he immediately said he wanted one.  When I told him it wasn’t available yet, he retorted back, “but that boy in the picture has one..!”

So as much as I really don’t want to be that mother who buys her son every toy he wants, this one I can’t resist. I might even end up playing with it has well. Ha!

Come on August!

How Many Octonauts Toys Merchandise Will Fisher Price Release?

So far,  I have seen about 6 different  Octonauts toys merchandise. These toys include the

  • Octonauts Octopod Playset
  • Octonauts Gup B Kwazii and Shark Playset
  • Octonauts Gup A Mission Vehicle Playset
  • Octonauts Gup D Barnacles and Manta Ray Playset
  • Octonauts Gup A Bath Toy With Captain Barnacles
  • Octonauts Action Figure Toy With Creature

A Little Disappointed..

There will most likely be other Octonaut Toys available this August than the ones that we see online.  But I’m a little bit disappointed that there aren’t any toys that have the other Octonauts characters.

I’m pretty sure that kids fascination with the Octonauts include not just the three main characters but with all the other characters as well.

For heaven’s sake, I’m even forced to play the seeweed for the marine iguanas to eat.

I really hope that when the toys come out this August, I’ll also see Professor Inkling, Dashi, Shellington, the Vegimals, and Dashi in the range as well.