The Octonauts Have Landed On The US Of A

The Octonauts In USA

The Octonauts In USAYes. That’s right! The Octonauts have finally crossed the pond and are now rocking at the US of A!

The program debuted January 9 of this year and judging from the traffic this site is getting, it seems that kids and parents are quickly becoming big fans of the tv series.

Big shout out to all the US Octonauts fans…

Here are some info on the Octonauts Show in the USA

  • The Octonauts schedule on the Disney Junior channel: weekdays: 11.30 am ET/PT – weekends: 7:00 am
  • A lot of you have been asking about Octonauts toys. From what I can see,  the toys are not yet available in US toy shops. They are however available online. If you go to the Octonauts toys page on this site, you will notice that some of the toys are being sold by online retailers based in the USA. They’re quite pricey.

    But I’m no longer surprise about this.  There doesn’t seem to be enough of the Octonauts toys around and the price can go as high as twice or 3x the usual price. I can only imagine the commotion that will ensue come Christmas time!

The Octonauts And The Decorator Crab

The Octonauts And The Decorator Crab

The Octonauts And The Decorator Crab Synopsis

In Episode 25’s The Octonauts and The Decorator Crab, someone steals the radar dish from the Octopod.

Then in search for the radar dish, other stuff gets lost. Time to sound the octoalert! After much searching and looking under every rock, they catch the “innocent” culprit who turns out to be a decorator crab.

Favorite Quotes

“Don’t let him steal that seaweed mustache from under our noses!”

“I reckon that scurvy thief is around here somewhere. I’ll find him with my spyglass.”

“Captain, I’m fully prepared for any emergency!”


  • Decorator Crab

The Octonauts And The Decorator Crab Book
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Decorator Crab Resources For Kids

Don’t be surprised if your child turns into a decorator crab after watching this episode of the Octonauts.  The craft project below should keep them occupied for a day or two.

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