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  1. My sister has recently made my kids octonauts costumes as I’ve not been able to find them anywhere else … kwasii, captain barnacles, peso & dashi … they love them!! I’ve persuaded her to try them on ebay, do a search on octonauts fancy dress & see what you think!!

    • Love them, I have just got the Kwazii costume for my 5 year old. Brilliant costumes and now thinking of getting the Dashi dog too for my little girl.

      • There’s an official Kwazii costume? I didn’t know that. Where did you get it?

  2. It an unofficial costume but they are really good and being sold on Ebay, it under Seller information : k8gwynne2012 or just search on Octonauts Costume. I think they are really good especially for pople like me who can not sew! I only managed a paper Kwazii hat for bookweek.

  3. Was wondering how I can upload a photo to show you my very happy five year old in his Kwazii costume. He has worn it now five straight days and I have only now managed to get it in the washing machine tonight while he is asleep. Nicky

  4. You ask for photo submissions of costumes, but I don’t see any way to submit a photo? My 5 year old is Captian Barnacles this year for Halloween and I’d love to share his costume!

    • Hi Erika
      Oh, how exciting. I am trying to redesign the site and adding an easy way for users to submit some photos. Currently, there are two ways to submit them. If you like our FAcebook page, you can easily post the photos there and then with your permission, I’ll repost them on the site as well. Secondly, you can attach it in an email and send it to thisboywho (at)(gmaildotcom). Sorry for the inconvenience.

  5. Hi there,
    I am sure this must be a fairly old thread, but i am also looking for a dashi dog costume for my daughters birthday. I can’t find anything on e bay and was wondering if your sister still makes them Niki and if she might like some new buisness?

  6. would love to make our son a GUP A octonaut bed- there is a fab picture of one on this webpage but when you click on the picture, it doesn’t take you to the supplier of the bed.
    any ideas anyone

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