Gup F Build A Gup

Gup F Build A Gup

Now your child can be just like Tweak and build his/her very own Gup. The Gup F Build A Gup is made of over 25 pieces that can be interchanged to make their very own Octonauts Gup at home.

Gup F Build A Gup


What’s Included:

Gup-F frame with rolling wheels: This serves as the main structure from which to build on. Using the different accessories listed below, many different kinds of Gups can be built.


  • 2 legs
  • 2 fins
  • tail fin
  • whale tail
  • anchor
  • 4 eyes,
  • mouth
  • rescue net
  • sirens
  • 2 fins
  • top fin
  • tail fin
  • seaweed moustache
  • tank treads
  • 4 fish wings
  • antenna
  • smokestack
  • camera
  • 2 claws


Recommended for ages 3 and above. This comes with a Gup blueprint to help build the gup

Customer Reviews

Parents are happy with the educational value of this toy. It’s a very easy building toy that even young kids can build — young kids who are more than likely the fanbase of the Octonauts tv series.

Children are also pleasantly surprised with the interactivity of this toys. Many of the Octonauts toys do encourage creative play but there’s not one at this time that would interests children who love to build things.

The Gup F Build A gup is the perfect toy for this.

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Oh The Many Things You Can Build With The Gup F Toy

Gup F

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