How To Build The Octonauts Octopod

How To Build The Octonauts Octopod

I once made the Octonauts Octopod following the instructions in the Cbeebies Magazine. I thought it was pretty good.

But then Gillian, who won our Cbeebies magazine contest, sent me a picture of the Octopod that she made with her kids and I realized mine wasn`t that good at all. Gillian’s Octopod is amazing, as you can see and puts mine to shame.

So anyway, Gillian has kindly shared the photos for me to post here. I’m sure with the pictures and instructions, anyone of you crafty parents can make one with your kids as well.

The Octonauts Octopod: The Finished Product

Materials Needed:

  • 8 transparent food containers  – this is for the pods/rooms
  • 2 salad bowls
  • bucket
  • orange spray paint
  • duct tape
  • petrol can spouts
  • pipe cleaners
  • wood dowels
  • pictures of the pod rooms (garden, library, hospital and bedroom), launch bay, and control room
  • cardboard panel

Making The Octopod

1) Print a good picture of the Octopod as a model. Gillian used this picture below.  Click the image for a bigger picture if you want to print.

2) Cover the pipe cleaners with duct tape.

3) Drill a hole through FOUR of the containers and drill 4 holes on one of the salad containers. Make sure it is just the right size for the pipe cleaners to fit snugly.

[box type=”info”] This is probably going to be the trickiest part of this building an Octopod business. If you want your Octopod to look as amazing as Gillian’s, take some time doing this.[/box]

4) Cover about 60 to 75% of the 4 other containters (without the holes) with wire wool (or any material that will protect the container from being painted on).  This is so that that part will not get painted on.

Making Of The Octopod

5)  Lay all containers and on your working surface for painting. Make sure you use a protective mat or shower curtain so that the paint will not ruin your floor or table!

6) With all your containers ready for painting, use the spray paint and spray away.  Apparently a very fun exercise.

7) Wait for the paint to dry.

8) When the paint dries,  give it a second coating of paint if you want or move on to the next steps.

9) Attach the pipe cleaners to the salad bowl and the container.

10) Attach wooden dowels to the pod arms to make them more secure.

[box type=”info”] This may seem like an unnecessary step specially if you’ve got pipes that are very snug to to the holes. But if you want your Octopod to last a 3 year olds endless play, then don’t forget to do this step.[/box]

11) Make the Octohatch using pipe cleaners.

12) Use super glue to attach the metal washers for eyes and the pipe cleaners for the octohatch.

13) Glue the  control room to the outside of the top bowl.

14) Cut the pod room pictures to fit each pod. Then add them on to each pod room.

15) Place a cardboard panel over the wood dowels and glue a picture of the launch bay.

16) Cut the rim of four of the containers, so it will snugly fit as a cover to the pods.

17) Attach the pod lids to the base with a super glue.

18) Attach the bucket to the base of the Octopod and voila… you’ll have your Octopod all ready for hours and hours of play.

About Gillian: When Gillian’s not busy making Octopods, she teaches parents and babies to communicate with each other using baby signs. Visit her at Baby Signs With Gillian

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  1. where can you get these curvy salad bowls?.This is brilliant!

  2. Where can I find those images for the rooms?
    This is too cool by the way… will try to recreate!

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