Jack, The Octonauts And The Whale Shark

Jack, The Octonauts And The Whale Shark

My little boy, Jack (3 1/2) is visiting his Granny and Grandpa in the UK (we live in Virginia) and he discovered the Octonauts – he LOVES them and will tell anyone that will listen to him all about the latest adventures he has witnessed on TV and read about in his books.

He has become so interested in the characters and in marine life that we decided to take him to the Natural History museum in London – I hope you like the picture of him with the whale. 🙂 We were looking for a whale shark so that he could see about tickling his gills!

His little brother, Henry (19 months) also loves looking at the ‘Arnauts’! I have tried really hard to find the magazine but have been sadly unsuccessful and the eBay prices are prohibitively expensive for us. I would love to win one of your magazine copies! Jack was born two days after Xmas in 2007 but we celebrate his birthday in the summer – his birthday party is in a couple of weeks, and I know this would be a dream come true for him.

Kindest regards,
Gillian (also frequently called Dashi – I do take a lot of pictures, I suppose?!) 🙂

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