Octonauts Birthday Party Theme

A Captain Barnacles Cake

Any Octonauts fan will surely have a fantastic Octonauts birthday party theme.

An Octonauts party can be closely tailored to a sea or ocean theme. This means lots of blue, lots of fishes, and lots of seeweed!

Of course, an Octonauts birthday party is never complete without the Octonauts themselves. So it’s best to brush up on your drawing and design skills for the invitations, decorations and cake baking.


Octonauts Party Invitations

It’s a good idea to use some common phrases from the show for your invitation. Even better, use the catch phrases of your child’s favorite character.

Here are some sentences that you can write on Octonauts party invitations

  • Ahoy There me hearties. Me pirate friend is turning (child’s age). And we’d love you to join us at the Octopod for an octoriffic time.
  • The Octonauts are having a party for (child’s name) and you are invited to the Octopod.
  • Please come join us at the Octopod for a seeweed party
  • Octonauts, To your station. There’s going to be a Octofantastic party and your presence is needed.
  • Octonauts, Sound the octo alert. (child’s name) is turning 3 and you’re invited to the party. Gups will be waiting…
  • Open the Octohatch. Get in your Gups and join the party.
  • Barnacles to (invitee’s name). There will be a party at the Octopod and your presence is needed.
  • Flippity Flippers. (child’s name) is growing very fast and he’s going to be (age) soon. Come and join us for an OCTOriffic party.
  • Put on your deep sea suit. There’s going to be a party at the Midnight zone and you’re invited.

Octonauts Birthday Cake

If you look at the Octonauts facebook page, you’ll see lots of parents who’ve made amazing Octonauts birthday cake for their little ones.

There are some tips on the page on exactly how to make the birthday cakes and if you’ve got the skills, you might just be able to make your very own Octonauts birthday cake (and don’t forget to send us a pic of your creation!) . You can also use some Octonauts cake topper as suggest on this page.

Click here for more pictures and ideas of the best Octonauts Birthday Cakes loving parents have made for their little ones.

For starters, there are some very easy ocean-theme cakes that you can easily make at home. Make these cakes and then just add a few of the Octonauts figures on it.

Here are links to some of my favorite tutorials on how to make an ocean-themed cake.

Octonauts Party Decorations

For a genuine ocean feel, you can cover the room where the party is going to take place with blue paper or blue curtain. Next prints some pictures of the Octonauts characters as well as some sea creatures and then just paste it on to the blue paper. This should be enough to give the children a real feel of being under the sea.

You can also use a blue table cloth (paper) with fish gummy bears or figures scattered on it.

Don’t forget to add green paper for seeweed as well as a treasure chest to put all the party goodies in.

Octonauts Games For Birthday Parties

Here are some games and activities ideas for an Octonauts birthday party

1)  Make octonauts hat and give them to the kids as they arrive. You can also have a medic bag, an eye patch or a carrot ready

2) Art Activities:

a)  Make a decorator crab
b)  Print some octonaut pictures for coloring

3) Octonauts Party Games

a) Captain Barnacles Says (much like Simon Says)
b) What Time Is It Whale Shark (What time is it wolf?)
c)  Pirate treasure hunt complete with a map

16 thoughts on “Octonauts Birthday Party Theme”

  1. We had an octonauts party for our twins 5th birthday. Some of the things we did are:
    Instead of pin the tail on the donkey – Pink the octocompass on Captain Barnacles. You could also do pin the eye patch on Kwazi.
    We used blue streamers in all the doorways as “water”. In the hallway we hung a heap pink balloons that had loopy pink wool hanging off them to make “Jelly Fish Bloom”

    • Hi Kelly
      The pin the octocompass on Captain Barnacles is a good one. I especially love the idea of blue streamers as water. I’m sure all the kids had lots of fun!

  2. For my daughter’s party earlier in the year we had a whole Octonauts theme. The party started with the kids sticking strips of crepe paper to helium balloons to make jellyfish.

    They then made their own Octonauts hats.

    After that they moved onto hunting down sea creatures hidden around the room (little printouts of various sea creature or stickers of sea creatures).

    Between every game the ‘Octonauts’ had to report back to the HQ for their next mission assignment.

    Other missions included ‘walk like a crab’ races. Pin the hat on Kwazii. Find the missing treasure (hidden plastic or chocolate coins), pass the treasure (pass the parcel) and musical sea monsters (musical statues).

    Tiring work but the kids loved it.

    • Sounds like it was a very fun party, Icerunner. I’m sure they all had fun. Can’t wait for the next Octonauts series!

  3. Hi, I am having an octonaut party in a couple of weeks. I really like the ideas and hope to use them. Thanks for the suggestions.
    I also want to have an octoalert cake, a peso corner where we fix animals who are hurt or in trouble.
    A kwazii corner where we play captains coming.
    Lastly, I am planning to have a Captain Barnicles’ corner where we test our strength (either tug of war or arm wrestling).
    I’d like to do an Octoalert piniata

    • HI Zachary,
      How did the party go? The octoalert piñata sounds very fun. Do send us some pics if you have some!

    • Hi there, we have Octonauts party supplies, they arrived yesterday and they are already selling out!!! Its a hugely popular show and I got it in for my girls, seems I better get more!
      Kind regards

  4. Thanks so much for all of your great ideas for an Octonauts party!

    I had my 2 year old’s Octonauts party over the weekend and I’m blogging about it at our website! We had so much fun planning it and partying!

  5. Thanks for these suggestions! My soon to be 5 year old daughter decided she wanted an Octonauts cake for her birthday– except we live in the US, so we have no merchandise available. I’m going to make the undersea cake with a Barnacles figurine ordered from Amazon and we’re making “fish biscuits” with a generic fish shaped cookie cutte. We’re also making treat bags with goldfish crackers and fish-shaped fruit snacks, and we’re using the hat logos as gift tags.

    • Sounds like this is going to be a fun birthday Valerie! Do send us some pics please!

    • While many of the girls in second grade are having teen sensation style birthday parties, my 6 year old (about to be 7) twin daughters are having an Octonauts party (I hope they are not too old, but they LOVE Octonauts!) I say let them grow up as slow as they want! Anyway, we bought sea themed plates/napkins online as well as buying sea goody bag supplies (got some really cute sea creature mini stampers and are using Swedish Fish for candy!) We ordered super cute Octonaut frosting sheets from EBay since they have peanut allergies and I have to bake the cakes myself anyway. I used them for my friend’s daughter’s cake and they are super easy. I also wanted to say that in addition to using the balloons/crepe paper to make jellyfish, they look especially cute if you find clear plastic hair covers/cheap shower caps and put them on top of the balloon first to make the poofy jellyfish part! They look awesome hanging from the ceiling! LOL, one of the twins was a jellyfish last year for Halloween with awesome blinking tentacles, so we are pretty up on all things jellyfish! Good luck to those of you having Octonaut parties, I think this one has been lots of fun to plan because I love the Octonauts as much as my kiddos! 🙂

  6. Can’t wait to do our Octonauts party next month! Love the jellyfish craft idea. I also planned on “fish biscuits” but truly inspiring, the blue and green streamers are going to totally transform our party room. Love the hidden sea creatures treasure hunt too! Thank you so much for ironing out these details for me!

  7. Help!!!
    My almost 3 year old wants an Octonaut cake for his kindy. Would like to give the carers some gift bags and others little things to hand out afterwards. Please help…


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