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Win An Octonauts Cbeebies Magazine

Note: This contest is now finished. Congratulations to little Jack and Leigh’s daughter!!!

When The Octonauts Cbeebies Magazine came out last month, I knew I had to get my hands on it. Since we’re currently in Spain, I had to buy mine on Ebay for a madly extortionate price (How do these people sleep at night?)

It turns out the grandparents and the aunts and uncles in the UK bought one for the little one too and guess what? We’ve got three of the magazines.  Yes, that’s right! We’ve got three Octonauts Cbeebies Magazine complete with all the Octonauts figures.. You drooling yet?

So anyway, I’ve decided to do a contest on this site and the winners will be sent a copy of the magazine wherever they are in the world…

To join the contest, you need to send us your Octonauts story. An Octonauts story can include any of the following:

  • If you’ve made an Octonauts cake, show us the steps on exactly how you did it.
  • Have you made any Octonauts costumes for the kids? Show us how you made it.
  • Have you had an Octonauts birthday party? Tell us everything about the party. From the invitations to the decorations to the games.
  • Do your children love the Octonauts? Tell us who their favorite character is. What Octonauts games do they play? Any funny Octonauts story in the house? etc.

Contest Guidelines: Win An Octonauts Cbeebies Magazine

1)  Stories need to be at least 300 words long.  Be as detailed as possible so  that your story can also help other parents.

2) Entries with photos will increase your chances of winning the magazine.

3) All stories and photos submitted to this contest will be posted online. By joining this contest, you are effectively giving us the right to post your story and photos at for the lifetime of this site.

4) All stories and photos must be original, written in your own words.

5) Story submission deadline is July 30, 2011. (We may decide to end this at an earlier date if there are already a lot of entries)

6) 3 winners will be announced on the 5th of August (or earlier if we decide to end the deadline at an earlier time) .The winners will include

a) The most helpful guide/story

b) The entry with the most facebook likes

c) Just because winner (this could be a  close second to any of the above 2 categories, or the most unique entry or the most interesting one— anything that strikes our fancy)

7) Winners are final.

[box type=”info”] To submit your entry, scroll down to the bottom of this page and use the submission form.

In case the image attachments are not properly working, you can send us your photos at kwazii(@) When sending images by email, please make sure you include your full name and your address.[/box]

The Price – Your Very Own Cbeebies Octonauts Magazine


Octonauts Cbeebies Magazine

Octonauts Magazine

BBC Octonauts Magazine Cbeebies
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4 thoughts on “Win An Octonauts Cbeebies Magazine”

  1. My daughter Amy has been an avid fan of octonauts since its first launch. She never misses an episode and I am sure that she thinks the adventures they have are as real as she is. When I asked her what the best bit about octonauts was her reply was:
    ‘that they help creatures’
    I have a budding Peso and my hands me thinks.
    however kwazii is her favourite as he always tells funny and scary stories!

  2. this would make my sons christmas , he loves it all and so educational

  3. Dear undersea heroes,
    My 4 year old daughter Julianne loves the Octonauts!We live in the USA and it is rerally hard and expensive to find he toys out there. She really wants Peso. She talks about him everyday and sings along to the show on the Disney channel. Everyday, when I come home from work shs tells me about the latest episode and the new sea creatures the Octonauts discovered, Her favorite episode is when Kwazi and Peso get stuck on the desert island. She talks about how Captain Barnicle rescued the octogons Haley and Presto, since during the show the names get mistaken. She always laughs to this. It would be wonderful if she would win a Cbeebies magazine with the octonauts. It would be so special for her. I know she’d love it. Anyway, from the USA, this is Jennifer and Julianne saying so long!

    • Hi Jennifer
      That sounds so sweet. Yes, that is a good episode –I think it’s the one about the Combtooth Blenny. I really like that the animals are real. I find myself reading more about each animal I don’t recognize.
      Unfortunately, this contest is already finished. I will be doing some more contests soon though. I will be posting on our facebook page next time we have a contest. So if you like that page, I think you should get the message when I do send it out.


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