Octonauts Cbeebies Special Magazine

Octonauts Cbeebies Special Magazine

Octonauts Cbeebies Special Magazine
Finally got the Captain on my hands

I’ve had the Octonauts Cbeebies Special Magazine for about a week now. I couldn’t contain my excitement when I got it (which felt oddly weird for a 38 year old) and really wanted to give it to the little one right away.

But we’re flying in a couple of weeks and I’m pretty sure the magazine and the figures will keep him to his seat during the flight. So the magazine has been hiding in a secret compartment.

Ok. Not all of it. I have taken out the poster that comes with the magazine and gave it to Gabriel a couple of days ago.

Oh my goodness the look on that child’s face when he saw it… It’s now posted on his bedroom wall together with all the other Octonauts coloring sheets.

I’m also planning to make the Octopod. Looks pretty easy to make. We’ll see what ours will look like in a few days or so.

For Parents Looking For the Octonauts Cbeebies Special Magazine

I hear that there are a lot of parents who want to get a hold of the Cbeebies special magazine. I don’t think they’re reprinting it so it seems that the only place you can get them right now is on Ebay which can cost as much as 20 pounds! (That’s actually how we got our first copy!)

Anyway, here’s the good news! We have 3 extra copies of the magazine and we’re giving it away.  I’ll post the details tomorrow.

10 thoughts on “Octonauts Cbeebies Special Magazine

  1. :tenterhooks: How the heck do I try to get my sticky hands on one of your three magazines then?! We bought one at Gatwick Airport at half term but my son’s beloved Captain Barnacles was lost in the taxi twixt airport and hotel. Three weeks on and he remains bereft. Peso and Dashi came to untimely ends on the beach, so we are left with only Kwaazi. I have been looking at eBay but am reluctant to pay £20 or more! And to make matter worse I discover that the Fisher Price toys aren’t out til August. Guess when my 3yo’s birthday is? July 18th. Gah!!

    • Hi Victoria
      Oh no! your child must be devastated. Poor Captain Barnacles, too!

      I’ve just posted the details on the contest we’re running to win the magazines. You can read it at http://www.underseaheroes.com/octonauts-cbeebies-magazine

      Good luck!

  2. Am on tenterhooks to discover how I can get my hands on one of your three magazines (well, it’s the character toys I’m desperate for). My 3yo has been bereft since losing Captain Barnacles (down back of seat in taxi between Greek airport and Greek hotel) and Peso and Dashi (beach). Only Kwaazi remains, the poor lonely soul. Anyway, it’s my son’s 4th birthday in a couple of weeks (before the Fisher Price toys come out, dagnammit) and new octonauts would be VERY happily received…!

  3. Ah, apologies for double post. I thought my original post had not worked, but I guess it’s waiting somewhere for approval…

  4. nuts only just found this!! too late to enter but good luck to all who have 🙂

  5. hi my little grandson is 3 next week and he would love the magazine he adores the octonauts. we cant get it anywhere pleeeezzzzzeeeee help x patti his nanny

    • I’m sorry but the contest is now over. We might however have some more contests coming soon so watch out for that..

  6. Hi there, our little octonaut would LOVE a copy but as you say prices on ebay are enormous. Just wondered if you’ll be doing another contest any time soon?

  7. Hallo,
    gern hätte ich für meinen Enkel(3Jahre) dieses Sonderheft, denn gerade den Peso liebt er über Alles. Leider gibt es in Deutschland weder dieses Magazin, noch die Toys. und über eBay ist es nicht zu bezahlen. Kann vielleicht jemand helfen, den grössten Weihnachtswunsch zu erfüllen!!
    Danke vorab.
    Alles Liebe Marion

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