Octonauts Characters

Captain Barnacles Bear - Octonauts

Captain Barnacles Bear

Captain Barnacles is the leader of the crew.

You’ll never catch him without a plan. He’s super strong.


Lieutenant Kwazii Cat


Lieutenant Kwazii Cat

Kwazii Cat is the ex-pirate who always has an eye for adventure.

He’s hilarious. My 3-year old says “he’s not scared of nothing, me hearties! — except spiders.


Peso Penguin - Octonauts

Medic Peso Penguin

Peso Penguin is the octonaut with a world of compassion for any creature who’s hurt or sick.

He’s not the bravest when it comes to strange creatures and exploring deep dark water, but this fear he completely forgets when he sees any injured creature.


Shellington Sea Otter


Dr. Shellington Sea Otter

Dr. Shellington is the researcher who’s always on the lookout for new and rare creatures.

The Octonauts always ask for his opinion whenever they come across a creature they do not recognize.

Dashi Dog - Octonauts


Dashi Dog

Dashi is the official photographer of the Octonauts. Whatever the occassion, you can be assured that Dashi is there to take a snapshot of it.

She also makes sure that the computer systems and software in the Octopod are in tip top shape.

Professor Inkling Octopus

Professor Inkling Octopus

Professor Inkling is the “explorer” who formed the Octonauts.

He’s read a lot of books and with eight legs, he is great at multi tasking.

Tweak Bunny - Octonauts


Tweak Bunny The Engineer

Tweak is the Engineer who makes sure the engine room is running well all the time.

She also maintains all the Gups and makes a lot of very useful gadgets like the friend-finder she made for her friend, Sandy the turtle.

Tunip The Vegimal - Octonauts

Tunip The Vegimal

Tunip is one of the Vegimals. He’s the one to go to if you’re looking for a recipe on how to make Kelp cakes.

The vegimals speak a different language and only Dr. Shellington understands them.

110 thoughts on “Octonauts Characters”

  1. Turnip is amazing!! I know a 2 year old who plays “vegimals” all the time!

  2. My favorite Octonaut is without a doubt Shellington the Sea Otter! He’s much like myself and he’s adorable! πŸ˜€

    • Peso is my favorite character he had a big heart he can be the bravest octonaut of all when it comes to a creature that is hurt or sick and his polite and very sweet.

      • Plus I’m 13 years old and I love this show. This show has hot me interested in the ocean and every sea creature in that’s n the ocean.

    • Or it could be Dashi and Kwazii. For some reason, I thought they also make a cute cuple πŸ™‚

      • i have also heard tweak might like captain Barnecles.ps i love shellington

        • cool girl, how much do you love shellington? cause I LOVE HIM SO MUCH! he is so cute! πŸ˜€

          • I love so much i wish i could get a doll of him and have it forever

          • You guys are crazy!
            He’s a cartoon character
            Ps they probably have one in stores now πŸ™‚

    • that is true because dashi has a huge crush on Shellington and she had showed her feelings in lots of episodes and Shellington can also be a little shy with dashi(according to the Octonauts Wiki.com)and both of them have a crush on each other and they don’t want anybody in the crew to notice that they like each other if your still not sure go to “www.Octonuats wiki.com”

  3. I LUV Inkling, he’s cool, epecially with 8 arms. Wish I had 8 anybody elese here???

  4. I have to say my fav part of the show is when Capt. Barnacles stops his foot during creature report…My son and I jump up and od it when he does…so much better then the hot dog dance!

    • Us too..tee hee! I love their little feet when they do it.

  5. I NEVER knew that Dashi had a crush on Shellington. Which episodes did they show their feelings? I’m curious.

    Plz reply

    • They always are together whenever sent on certain missions (they were once together when stuck in a rock pool) and they also work the controls of the Octopod together.

  6. who agrees with this?

    peso put a bandage on EVERYTHING!

    if your dying, he puts a bandage on you!

    it kinda gets annoying >:(

  7. I LOVE Tweak and Barnacles (and the rest of tha crew) Soooo much i’m being Kwazii Cat 4 Halloween X3 and plus my family has 2 make it out of scratch X3

  8. ya noticed that Barnacles and Tweak LOVE eachother because they LOVISH around eachother and that they HANGOUT together Alot X3

    • I think no one in the octopod likes each other but if two of them (for some reason cause it is a kids show for crying out loud)did I would think its shellington and dashy

  9. Nikita, hate to break it to you but, there’s no Halloween due to hurricane Sandy. It’s a 95% chance it’s gonna hit us so they cancelled Halloween. Sry.

  10. i just hope the hurricane misses us and goes out to sea. :O

  11. I <3 Cap.Barnacles and Tweak and i even made my own O.C.'s like Juan Bear and his twin sister Juliana Bunny :3

  12. I Hope that the Octnauts are safe i wacth every day before i leave for school and after school i go wacth it i’m allways dancin’ along on the creature reports. My lil sis says that i can make my voice sound like the characters

  13. I love the Octonauts!! And I love writing stories about them! If I get a fanfiction.net account I will so transfer some of my stories!

  14. I thought up of a pairing but I’m not sure everyone will agree- ShellingtonXPeso.
    BTW I luurrrrvvve Shellington he’s nerdy and got awesome hair–like me! You can find awesome pics of the octonauts on DeviantART too!

  15. Hi it’s Cap. Barnacles tha mage except i have different laptop like thing and i have a different username thing (i think) to use because my mom agreed with me that little kids will freak out if Captain Barnacles uses magic XD
    Note: I always think Barnacles has magic powers so i draw him using them. and Captain Andrea is my o.c. she’s tha female Version of Barnacles :3

  16. My favorite character is dashi followed by peso nit that they aren’t all likeable. Personally I ship captian barincles and dashi she is number four so who ever did this article was a little out of order but that’s neither here no their number 1 female so my logic says captian gets dashi. Not say kwazii doesn’t try to hit on both girls we don’t know gender of vegimals(I sure wish I did) tunip along with professor seem a little to into shellington and that’s tad disturbing for kids show at 27 finding it by acident and falling in love with show for self could care less it adds more depth to show with out being sick honestly adult shows sucks and lately kids shows have babish quality to them not the octonauts. Peso isn’t intrested in anything but helping others. I frankly haven’t been able to put together shellington and tweak if and what they feel both have most of time blank kinda emtion to them. I just feel their iw something between dashi and captian barincles(his names pain to spelll and I don’t feel like scrolling to make sure spelt right I’m on phone) have something between them it’s feeling you can tell when they interact with each other their is no other full out ships not that theirs no intrest it’s a round robbin thing of crush’s. And their adventures are just awesome. It’s kinda funny each character has their own signature word that really is a swear word just octonauts style. Shellington has potty mouth and dashi, captin and proffesor try not to but you live with kwazii and never swear we’d all be saying the f word more then we’d like. Peso, tweak and kwazii are moderate. Of course we have no clue most of time what vegimals say so we can’t know how potty mouthed they are. It is one of best kid shows in long time. It’s just so engangkng. I especially love adventures dashi has big role in or when everyone has to help.

  17. my favorate octonaut is peso because he is the medic and also i love penguins and peso cares for any animal who is hurt or sick like when the great white shark hurt its fin peso put a bandage on it and when captain barnicals got stung he helped him.

    • You’re right there Ashley because Peso did help Captain Barnacles when he was stung by a jelley fish. Peso did help the captain and you remember the episode of the cone snail the cone snail hurt Captain Barnacles have you seen that episode of the cone snail

  18. i really love octonauts.im a huge fan of octonauts.my favorite octonaut is kwazii because cats are my favorite animal.also he is soooooo funny.

  19. My list of favorite characters goes as follows: 1) tunip 2) shellington 3) captain barnacles 4) peso 5) inkling 6) kwazii 7) tweak 8) dashi

  20. All you little kids that are calling other kids dumb and stupid should not be allowed to post again until you learn to be more respectful of other people. Your parents should come up with an appropriate punishment for you.

  21. You should listen EXTREMELY closely on the episode The enemy anenomies because I have a voice messup.

  22. I love kwazii he is the best character and I like captain barnacles to

  23. 1. Shellington 2. Kwazii 3. Capt. Barnacles 4. Tweak 5. Dashi 6. Tunip 7. Inkling 8. Peso

  24. i love all octonauts
    especially tunip
    super super

  25. I went to the lake last weekend and played Octonauts in the water. I was Tweak. It was so fun!

    • Hi Shellington lover. It’s my first time as an octonaut.

  26. there are more little veggies on there besides tunip. who are they. one looks like a radish

  27. I love all the Octonauts and my favourite is Captain Barnicals and Kwazzi cos he is funny

  28. Uhm see I know all your secrets matees. Sorry Kwaz i had to say it once. I am disabled 31 yr old with an octonauts. Kwazii I know you and Tweak have a thing for each other. Tweak you are so protective of Kwazii and sea skater episode proved what I have hunch of prior so in love. Captian and Dashi you held hands in manta ray episode after Dashi grabbed you Captian Barnacles and that is practically kisses in a kids show. You two held on longer then needed to. And didn’t even grab Kwazii or Peso’s wrist/flipper to pull them up you made them climb. Captain you say Dashi’s name a bit sweeter then other octonauts. Its just ever so slightly diffrent tone. And you act more quickly when she is in trouble then others. Shellington sorry you don’t have a shot with Dashi for now I will keep your other secret. Yeah I know it. Peso, Inkling and Tunip have no secrets.

    Now to not the octonauts Dashi is also an engineer it is the technologically kind. You all need to understand there is more then 1 kind of egineer octonauts show two kinds there are more then that but I am not smart enough to remember all the kinds. Dashi is tech and Tweak mechinical. Photography is one of Dashi’s hobbies as is surfing. She is extremely passionate about her hobbies.

  29. The best characters for me are Kwazii, Barnacles, Dashi and Tweak. I hate Peso because he is truly a coward, and the vegimals are stupids and unrealistics. But Peso, the most overrated and useless member of the crew, I hate him!
    Peso in my opinion is the worst. He is a coward, and do not claim that he has been brave, since I do not remember any time when that penguin has done an act of bravery, on the contrary, that penguin is the character that causes unnecessary difficulties in missions, delays the missions, since in the chapters that involve that coward, always, but always his bag is lost, he himself is lost in an island, his bandages are stolen or his bag, a predator wants to eat him, he is trapped, he decomposes the gup E, a clam encloses it, etc. And he is useless, since he arranges everything with bandages, and they say that he is “brave” and “valuable”, but they say it because he causes pity. His younger brother even believes that Peso is not a real octonaut! Also, Peso fears everything! I would like Pennywise to scare him and slaughter him alive.

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