Octonauts Coloring Page

Octonauts Coloring Pages

We spent a good part Saturday printing and colouring Octonauts coloring pages at home. I’m don’t know why we’ve never done it before, but we printed one last Friday night and that’s all Gabriel wanted to do.

As some of you probably already know, there aren’t that many Octonauts coloring sheets around. I’m sure that there’ll be more in the future as more Octonauts merchandise come out but at this time it’s a bit tricky to keep up with the “artistic” demands of the litte one.

He’s been asking for an Octopod to color but I have yet to find an Octopod colouring page. So if any of you have inside info as to where to get one, please write the link on the comments section below. I will very much appreciate it.

Octonauts Colouring Pages – It’s All About The Pictures

My 3 year old boy is not very much into colouring. He’d pick one color (which is usually black and scares me to hell as it’s supposed to have some dark psychological meaning!) and then cover the whole page with black.

He’s always proud of his handiwork though and never fails to ask for a blue tac so he can post it on our wall for everyone to see (I’m hoping the enthusiasm gives a bit of a brighter pyschological meaning eh?)

But listen to this. The first Octonauts colouring page he did was one he really spent time on. It was the coloring page of the Gup-a with Captain Barnacles, Kwazii and Peso. And by God! The Gup-A is actually blue! No black in there, honey. None at all. Oh except for part of Peso of course!

And here it is, the Gup-A in all it’s colourful glory.

Octonauts Coloring Page

Octonauts Coloring Sheets Links

If you’re looking for Octonauts coloring sheets, here are the few places you can print them.

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  1. Here’s an Octopod you can colour in:

  2. This is a good site for more Octonauts colouring in



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