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Octonauts Creature Report Octopus Song Words

Calling All Octonauts!

Kwazii..Peso.. Shellington…Dashi…Inkling…Tweak…Tunip.


Kwazii! Activate Creature Report!

Creature Report! Creature Report.

Creature Report

An Octopus can change its skin… (check…check)

To whatever place its in.. (check…check)

He can change from big  to small (creature report)

Because he has no bones at all (creature report, creature report)

He squeezes into tiny spaces (check, check, check)

That is how he hides inside surprising places

Go Octopus… Go Octopus… Go Octopus

Creature Report, Creature Report (creature report)

We’re done with our mission, Octonauts at ease

Until the next adventure!!!!!!!!!!!

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