Octonauts Figures Set And Packs

The first Octonauts figures were released last year in July. Back then, only Captain Barnacles and Kwazii cat were released, much to everyone’s disappointment.  Moreover, the more observant kids were in for a little shock, when the Captain and Kwazii that came with the Octopods and Gups were in clothes that they have never used in the television series. Nonetheless, many parents and kids were happy to finally have the Octonauts figures and toys available in time for upcoming birthdays and Christmas.

Octonauts Plush Toys Figures

The main Octonauts characters are available in 5″ and 8″ plush toys. As of this time, only the 5″ ones are readily available in the USA

Captain Barnacles Plush Toy

Kwazii Cat Plush figure -- not quasi
Kwazii Cat Plush Toy

Peso Plush figure
Peso Penguin Plush toy

Tweak Plush toy
Tweak Plush toy

Octonauts Action Figures

Here are the Octonauts action figures with partner packs.

Captain Barnacles Figure Sets

Octonauts Barnacles Figure sets

1 ) Barnacles and the Octopus creature pack

2) Barnacles and Tunip Playset

3) Gup D Playset with Captain Barnacles

4) Octonauts Barnacles on the go Pod

5) Barnacles Deep Sea Buggy

6) Barnacles and The Gup A (not pictured)

Kwazii Figure Sets



1) Kwazii and the Vampire Squid

2) Kwazii and Slime Eel playset

3) Kwazii’s Shipwreck Playset

4) Kwazii Octo Max Suite

5) Kwazii and the Gup B Playset

6) Kwazii & Tweak Bath Squirters

Peso Figures And Creature Packs

peso figure playsets

1) Peso and The Giant Comb Jelly Creature Pack

2) Peso Gup E Mission Vehicle

3) Peso and the Narwhal Set

4)  Peso’s Deep Sea Buggy

5) Peso & Barnacles Bath Squirters

6) Peso’s On the Go pod Infirmary

 Other Octonauts Figures Sets And Packs

octonauts creature packs

1) Shellington and Sea Urchin set

2) Tweak and the Giant Squid

3) Dashi and the Electric Torpedo ray

4) Tunip and the Cuttlefish creature pack

5) Professor Inkling and the Seahorse

6) Gup C and Shellington

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  1. Where oh where is Dashi and Prof. Inkling figures? My Namma can’t find them for me. She did bid on two used Dashis’, but didn’t win:(

  2. Was looking for the prof.inkling plush toy,since can’t seem to find any in usa, I guess I’ll have to make my own.

  3. Toys R Us has, as of yesterday, a full 8 pack of the small plastic figures including the hard to find ones. A complete set!! Found in Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA 12-30-13!

  4. Does anyone know where to get the On-the-Go pods of Peso and Shellington? I have been looking for them and cannot fine them anywhere.

  5. My 4 year old loves the Octonauts! Thanks for the site!!

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