Octonauts Gup A Toy: Mission Vehicle Playset

Octonauts Gup A Toy: Mission Vehicle Playset

The Octonauts Gup a vehicle is the Captain’s favorite gup. Never mind that the Captain that comes with the toys is in a red suit, the Gup A toy still looks exactly the same as the one on the show so your son/daughter should be happy to have this to play with.

Apart from the Gup A, this playset also comes with the following accessories:

  • Angler fish
  • Hook and net
  • attached arm grabber

This toy can wobble on land and floats rather well on water too. The front part of this toy can be opened and is just the perfect place for Barnacles to save all the lost sea creatures.

This is a big toy and is easily many fans favorite gup toy (wait till the Gup X is released!). Your child will surely have loads of fun with the Octonauts Gup A toy.

Octonauts Gup A toy and playset

The Octonauts Gup A Toy In Action

Here’s a quick video from Argos to give you an idea on what the Octonauts gup A mission and vehicle playset looks.

And here’s another one your child might just be happy about.

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