Octonauts Gup-B Kwazii And Shark Playset

Octonauts Gup-B Kwazii And Shark Playset

Oh look who’s here. It’s the cheekiest, funniest pirate in the deep blue sea and his favorite sea vehicle, the Gup-B. We recently bought the Octonauts Gup-B Kwazii and shark playset which includes:

  • Gup B which opens its mouth when you push the fin. This also squirts out water when it’s played in the bath
  • a shark that changes color (well, the shark’s stripes)
  • a rope
  • and of course Kwazii,the fun-loving and irresistibly loveable cat


This toy arrives in a box (handy for Octonauts crafts!) with all three figures firmly tied to it. Get a pair of scissors ready coz’ taking these things out will be almost impossible – imagine doing that with a very excitable 3-year old who can’t wait to get his/her hands on Kwazii and the Gup B Shark playset!

Octonauts Gup B Review

Child: Oh. I love Kwazii and the Gup-b. Can I go for a bath now, please?

In The Bath

Mom: “It says in the package that the shark changes color and that Kwazii squirts water. That shark is still exactly the same color……. Can I borrow it for a bit to check how Kwazii does the squirting?

After a minute of fiddling with it (super duh moment!)

Mom: Right, I’m sure it squirts. You’ll figure it out. (leaves)

Less than 15 seconds later,

Child: Mommy! Mommy! Come quick! Look the Gup-b’s squirting water now! Octonauts to your stations!

So that’s what happened the day we got the Gup-B. The child was immediately lost in Octonauts land. I, of course noticed the wrong Kwazii suit (never saw this color in any of the episodes) and the see-through Gup-b cover looked like it would not stand a day of boys play.

The child didn’t care about Kwazii’s suit and the Gup-b is still in tact and very much loved.

Where To Buy the Octonauts GUP-B and Kwazii

The Gup B and Kwazii toy is now available in the Us, but you can buy them online at Amazon. In the UK, they’re pretty much in a lot of online stores at extortionate prices. However, Amazon and Argos do offer them at a good price. Buy Octonauts GUP B on Amazon here.

The Gup B Toy In Pictures

Here’s what you get when you buy the Octonauts Gup B

Octonauts Gup B Toy
The box
Gup B Toy Playset
The Gup and the See Through Cover

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3 thoughts on “Octonauts Gup-B Kwazii And Shark Playset

    • Hi Pauline,
      I bought the Gup B on this picture new — but yes, it is now very much used and loved. 🙂 . This one is not for sale though, if that’s what you meant.

  1. Does anyone know if you can buy spare parts for the octonauts? Gup b see thro cover has broken and as this was borrowed by my grandson I would like to replace the broken cover before returning to his friend.

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