Gup E toy vehicle

Octonauts Gup E Toy Vehicle

The Gup-E which is the Octonauts’ very own version of an “ambulance”  can now be part of your child’s fantasy undersea world.

gupeThe Gup E toy vehicle comes with Peso and much like the other gup toys, this is both water and land friendly.  The gup E toy has a back and front compartment which can fit Octonaut figures (now I’m sure you can already imagine your little one playing with this!)

This gup can be your child’s little gup submarine in the bath. There are two doors attached by a hinge. One door where the Octonauts can sit does not allow water to go in. However, the other door can be pushed open as the gup submerges then releasing the three fish (now that they’re all healthy and well!) out into the water.

This is smaller than the other toy gups but still just as good value for money.

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Introducing The gup toys including the Gup E

Releasing the fish as the gup goes down
Gup E toy vehicle
gup e toy vehicle


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