Octonauts Gup X Toy – The Shoot And Rescue Vehicle

Octonauts Gup X Toy – The Shoot And Rescue Vehicle

Gup X ToyHere’s the surprise present which Tweak gave to Captain Barnacles during the Great Christmas rescue. A gup like no other.

The Octonauts Gup X shoot and Rescue vehicle toy is much bigger than the other gups for sale (obviously!). It is three different toys in 1 and is so far, the only Gup toy that is battery-powered.

“It’s the strongest and toughest gup even big falling rocks can’t squash it. It can also squirt slime and can be cut in half!”

This was what my son said when I asked him about the Gup X and this toy has cleverly made the Gup X toy have all these extra special features that make the Gup X what its.

See for yourself

It’s the strongest gup…

Octonauts gup x toy

It can be cut in half..


gup x rescue vehicle
Gup X 3 in 1

The gup X shoots slime…

Cool huh? What are you waiting for?


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A Quick Look At The Octonauts Gup X Shoot And Rescue Vehicle

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