How To Make Octonauts Hat For An Octonauts Party Or Costume

Note: If you’re looking for Octonauts costumes ideas for Halloween, refer the following pages on this site:

Here’s one for those who want to know how to make an Octonauts hat for playtime around the house or as part of an Octonauts costume.

The Easy Way Out – An Octonauts Hat Using Paper

Octonauts Hat
Octonauts Hat?

That in the picture is my very own homemade Octonauts hat made of paper. Yay to me!

Let’s disregard the fact that my 3 year old thinks it’s more of a boat than what the Octonauts have on their cute little heads. He has used it a few times during one of his lost-in-barnacles-world moments, so boat-looking or not, let’s say I’m rather chuffed with what I’ve made.

I know this hat looks more like an upturned boat than a replica of the Octonauts hat, but believe you me, this is as good as anything for a little Octonauts fan.

If you’re planning an Octonauts Birthday party, you can make a few of this and hand one to each child as they enter your Octopod.

Note: Yes, I know that the Octonauts logo looks more like a ghost than an Octopus (?). What can I say, drawing is not exactly one of my forte! But hey you don’t have to worry about this. In the resources section at the bottom of this page, I’ve got the real octonauts logo, all ready for you to print out, cut and glue to the hat.

Anyway, here’s how to make this Octonauts hat



  • blue paper (big enough to fit your child’s head. The one I made is a tad too small so I just used a couple of hair pins to make sure it doesn’t fall off while Kwazii Cat ventures into the Midnight zone.)
  • Octonauts logo

Folding Instructions

Here’s a video of a guy folding his Sunday paper to make a sailor hat. You obviously need to use blue paper to make the Octonauts hat or white if you’re making one for a Peso fan.



Octonauts Hat Barnacles Style


So after a week of playing with that “Octonauts” hat, my son still calls it the boat hat, so I took matters to my own hands and made something a little bit better.


and here I present the new sleek looking Captain Barnacles hat… What dya’ think? It wasn’t very difficult to make either.

This one looks more like Captain Barnacles hat…

A Bowl For An Octonauts Hat

Here’s another idea to make an Octonauts’ hat.

Materials needed

  • bowl
  • blue fabric/paper


  1. Find a bowl that fits your child’s head.
  2. Cover the bowl with the blue fabric
  3. When the bowl is now all blue, cut about a 2 inch thick fabric. Make sure it’s also long enough to go around the bowl.
  4. Now glue the fabric around the bottom part of the bowl
  5. At this point, your hat should look like a sailor’s hat. Now cut an octonauts logo (or draw one) and glue it on to the hat.

Confession: I haven’t made this myself. So if anyone of you makes this, do send me photos of the whole process, so I can post it on here.

A Really Fancy Octonauts Hat

If you want to make a fancier Octonauts hat, the good people over at Cut Out and Keep have this easy to follow instructions on how to make a sailor hat.

Just make sure you make it in blue!  Check out this post to see the video.


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  1. How come you don’t have a different colored Octonauts logo for making Peso’s hat?

  2. Thanks for these logos, I am making myself an Octonauts hoodie with these 😛


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