DIY Octonauts Kwazii Costume

DIY Octonauts Kwazii Costume

Octonauts Kwazii costumeThe most basic things you need for a Kwazii costume is an orange suit and an eye patch – add to that an Octonauts hat and your little one will easily be distinguishable as Kwazii the Pirate cat with the mysterious past.

You can have the orange suite by doing one of the following:

  • sew the costume yourself
  • buy a cat costume and customize it to look like Kwazii
  • buy an orange pajama/thermal set. Failing that, a white one and dyeing it orange

Some Orange Ideas

The image is an orange thermal set available at Amazon. You can start with something like this.

You will need to customize this to look more like Kwazii.

You will need

              • felt paper/clother that’s lighter than the suit
              • blue felt paper/cloth

Use the lighter orange felt paper for Kwazii’s tummy. Cut it into an oval shape making sure that it fits the front part well. Then sew it, glue-gun it or double-sided tape it – whatever is easy for you.

The blue felt paper is for Kwazii’s collar. Make a collar from an old shirt or at the very least, use that old shirt collar as a pattern. Get ideas from this collar-making tutorial.

Kwazii’s Face

Now to perfect the Kwazii costume, use a face paint to make a cat face.

Below is a vidoe on how to do this. If you’re artistically inclined then follow this to the letter by all means. For people like me who are artistically challenged, I find that just painting the face orange, defining the eyes and drawing cat whiskers is enough for a simple cat face.

And don’t forget that Kwazii has three spots on each cheek

And Of course the Little Things:

  • Kwazii’s paws are orange. Use an orange pair of gloves or mittens.
  • For shoes, use blue boots and make sure to tuck the trousers into the boots.
  • Here’s a plain eyepatch at Amazon
  • Use the Octonauts hat costume tutorial. Normally, I would not bother with the ears, but I think that Kwazii’s ears are special and should be part of the Kwazii costume. So if you can add ears to the hat, so much the better.
  • Lastly, don’t forget to make the tail! I once made a tail when my son wanted Eeyore’s tail and all I did was stuff a sock. Perhaps you have a spare orange sock lying around?
  • And don’t forget the orange ears and tail!

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