Octonauts Merchandise On The ABC Shop

Octonauts Merchandise On The ABC Shop

I was just looking at the ABC Shop (Australia Based) and noticed that they’re selling some Octonauts Merchandise that are not available in the UK.

Many Australian fans have been saying ┬áit’s taking a long time before Fisher-Price release the Octonauts toys down under and they have to resort to buying them at extortionate prices on Ebay.

I’m glad they’ve got their own merchandise now. Some of them I’d want to have actually. I wonder if they deliver to Europe?

I just love the Octonauts 3 Piece Swimming Suit! I hope it will be available in the UK for next summer!

Octonauts Swimsuit
An Octonauts Swimsuit for the little swimmer.

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  1. I too, would like to know where DO WE BUY RASHEE VESTS with Octonauts for our hot hot hot Qld weather for our little grandsons??? Preferable long sleeve but heh desperate short will do.

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