Octonauts Party Supplies

This is the place to go if you’re looking for Octonauts Party Supplies.

Have you had an Octonauts party for your little one? Why not share it with the rest of the Octonauts fans?

There are now more and more places to buy Octonauts party supplies online from Etsy to Amazon. To help you plan your little one’s Octonauts themed party, here are some great ideas.

It’s virtually impossible to find Octonauts party supplies at this time. As far as I know, official Octonauts merchandise are not yet available in the market.

I know a lot of parents have been left to their own artistic devices to give their child the best Octonauts party. You can see the evidence in the many cakes and elaborate decorations that parents have posted on their blogs and the Octonauts Facebook page. Everyone of them puts my Octonauts hat efforts in utter shame.

Anyway, there are two things you can do to spice up your Octonauts party

  • You can print some Octonauts characters and post them around your house
  • You can buy birthday party supplies with a sea theme.

Check out my ideas for an Octonauts birthday party theme to start planning the party.

For the best party supplies for under the sea theme, check out the following sites:

Party Supplies For the UK Market

Amazon.co.uk – This link leads straight to the sea party theme supplies page. Get some ideas on table centrepiece, party decorations and more. There are also reasonably-priced pre-filled party bags to choose from.

My Party Parcel – This one has a very well organized under the sea theme which I like. Good place to get some party plates and party decorations.

For Australia

Ebay.com.au – Here’s one place to get cupcake and cake toppers

US Market

Amazon.com – Has an even wider selection than the UK Amazon. This page leads straight to the

Shindigz.com – One of the best places to buy under the sea party supplies (or any other birthday party theme) for that matter. They have international delivery but that could significantly add up to the cost of the product.

Print And Post Octonauts Characters

Now if you want some of the Octonauts characters on your wall as a party decoration, the best thing to do right now is to print them from your computer and then post them on to a blue wall. Just make sure that the photos are enlarged well enough.

You can print some good quality pictures from the following sites:


10 thoughts on “Octonauts Party Supplies

    • I don’t think there are any official Octonauts costume right now. You may have to make one yourself, I’m afraid. Maybe you can print any one of the characters and make a mask with it, put on a hat? perhaps?

      • Purchase a Thunderbirds costume, add a colar, make a belt and adapt the hat by printing off the Octonauts logo.

    • There are octonauts costumes on ebay! my sister made some for my kids, they were so good i persuaded her to try and sell them – do a search on ebay – those lovely kids are mine … though I am very biased!!

      • Hi Emma. I’ve looked on eBay and there’s nothing on there I can see. Is she able to make my son one do you think? He’s 4. Many thanks, Lisa

  1. hi I have made A Kwazii and Dashi cstume for my 4 and 2 yr old
    orange pyjamas (primark) and fur for tail and tummy with eye patch and cat mask and blue wellies, cardboard collar and hat.
    Dashi- brown tights and long sleeved top with pink skirt and hair clips!

    • Hi Annie
      That sounds like a really good idea! I hope you can share some pics!

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