Octonauts Peso Costume

Octonauts Peso Costume

Octonauts Peso CostumeThe Peso costume is one of the easiest to avail of right now because there are a lot of Penguin costumes that you can easily buy.

Below is a Penguin costume that you can easily customize to look like Peso. The greatest challenge you’ll have with this costume is getting rid of the beak and the eyes which are attached to the head.

Disclaimer: I haven’t bought this costume, so I wouldn’t know exactly how tricky it is  to cut those beaks and eyes off. But if you do manage to do that, then you can easily put an Octonauts hat on top of it.

Also you would have to get rid of that red ribbon and put a blue collar instead. As I mentioned in the Kwazii cat costume, you can use an old shirt for the blue collar. Here’s a link on how to make a collar at home.

Peso Costume – The Hat

  • Remember that Peso has a medic hat and differs from that one used by the other Octonauts. Refer to the picture below
  • And don’t forget to paint the face white with a little Peso beak of course! Check out this picture for a penguin face paint

 And most important of all, don’t forget Peso’s medical kit!

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