Octonauts Room Decor Ideas

Octonauts Room Decor Ideas

The Octonauts Bed

Octonauts toddler bedHave you seen the cutest Octonauts toddler beds? Nanite Beds from the UK makes them and they are grrreat, me hearties! The Gup-A inspired bed has all the complete buttons to make sleeptime something to look forward to with battery-operated searchlights, control panel and portholes. Unfortunately, this isn’t available in the US.

The Octonauts Bedding

The good news is that there are Octonauts Bedding, blankets and bed covers that can easily transform a bed into an Octonauts-themed room!

Octonauts bedding peso blanket
Captain Barnacles Fleece Blanket

Octonauts Bedding Single Duvet
not yet in the US

Octonauts Blanket tutorialAlternatively, you can make your own Octonauts blanket using felt paper!

Check out the Octonauts Blanket tutorial at SewBored —  Finished product pictured on the right — Pretty cool, huh?

Octonauts Room Decor And Accessories

Octonauts wall clock Not available in the US booklight


Since there aren’t a lot of Octonauts merchandise available in the US yet, here are some sea decor ideas that should fit in an Octonauts themed bedroom for kids.

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  1. I am desperately searching for an octonauts bedding set for my son. I LOVE the “Explore, Rescue, Protect” set, but I can’t find it anywhere (online or in stores). I see it on your website and I’m hoping that you can direct me on where I can purchase this, preferably online. I appreciate any help you can provide me! Thank you and happy holidays!

  2. Can you tell me if you know where we can get the duvet covers you have pictured it is hard to find them in England.

  3. Can you kindly provide me more information on how to find the Ocotonaut bed? I can’t find it when I click on the UK website.
    Thank you so much in advance!
    Best Regards,

  4. Can the octonauts bed be shipped to the US? My son love them.

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