Octonauts To The Rescue

Octonauts To The Rescue

I have a gorgeous funny almost 3 year old daughter (where did those 3 years go!) We are currently experiencing her first obsession which is with the Octonauts – much to her Dad’s delight whose dream job would be as a marine biologist so loves nothing more than sitting down and learning new undersea heroes facts.

She just loves playing Octonauts putting her toy rabbits in a bowl or a pram which is the gup A and going off on missions “to help sick or injured hananmals”. This is usually the plastic turtle with “sore feet” or the “tired cat”. If ask who’s her favourite it is without hesitation Peso the peguin.

Anyway our family Octonauts story starts when a close friend asked if we would look after her little girl when she went into labour. Her daughter luckily for us is also an avid Octonauts fan. On the big day things went quicker much quicker than expected. When we arrived to pick up her daughter there was no time to get to the hospital and no time for a midwife to arrive.

Thankfully we had the Octonauts on an iplayer loop for the girls downstairs, a midwife on the other end of the phone upstairs and plenty of towels.

I am not sure quite how many episodes of the Octonauts later the ambulance arrived and a beautiful baby girl was born safely at home in her bedroom to the theme tune of the Octonauts.

We had two totally relaxed happy girls watching their favourite programme on repeat (a toddlers dream day). So thank you to the Octonauts you really did save the day.

My daughter is three on the 28th July and we are planning a surprise Octonauts party with Octonauts cup cakes, Octonaut cards and definitely some Octonaut drawing and this magazine would just make her dream birthday even if it did arrive after the big day.

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