Octonauts Toys Fisher Price Merchandise For Sale

Octonauts Toys Fisher Price Merchandise For Sale

There are a couple companies which are due to release some Octonauts toys this year, but as far as we can see, Octonauts Toys by Fisher Price are the ones which will be launched this August. (Ravensburger is set to come out with a a few puzzles by the end of the year!)

A few sites online already have a photo of what the toys look like and we are uber excited!

[box type=”info”] They’re out! They’re out! It’s only the end of June but you can now buy the Octonauts Toys at Smyths Toys. Other toy shops should have them soon as well! You can also CLICK HERE to buy them from Amazon![/box]

My three year old saw the pic of the Octonauts Octopod playset and he immediately said he wanted one.  When I told him it wasn’t available yet, he retorted back, “but that boy in the picture has one..!”

So as much as I really don’t want to be that mother who buys her son every toy he wants, this one I can’t resist. I might even end up playing with it has well. Ha!

Come on August!

How Many Octonauts Toys Merchandise Will Fisher Price Release?

So far,  I have seen about 6 different  Octonauts toys merchandise. These toys include the

  • Octonauts Octopod Playset
  • Octonauts Gup B Kwazii and Shark Playset
  • Octonauts Gup A Mission Vehicle Playset
  • Octonauts Gup D Barnacles and Manta Ray Playset
  • Octonauts Gup A Bath Toy With Captain Barnacles
  • Octonauts Action Figure Toy With Creature

A Little Disappointed..

There will most likely be other Octonaut Toys available this August than the ones that we see online.  But I’m a little bit disappointed that there aren’t any toys that have the other Octonauts characters.

I’m pretty sure that kids fascination with the Octonauts include not just the three main characters but with all the other characters as well.

For heaven’s sake, I’m even forced to play the seeweed for the marine iguanas to eat.

I really hope that when the toys come out this August, I’ll also see Professor Inkling, Dashi, Shellington, the Vegimals, and Dashi in the range as well.

17 thoughts on “Octonauts Toys Fisher Price Merchandise For Sale

  1. just seen on Amazon.uk that they have the octonaut toys too although they say there is a 1-4 month wait. It says they are by Mattel not Fisher Price?

    • Yes. they are! It does say a 1 – 4 months wait but I hear that those who have preordered it are having theirs delivered in the next few days or so. I’m just about to make an order for the little one’s birthday in August.

      I think all toys will be officially out by July so Amazon should have them all by then. From experience, Amazon always makes a lot of allowance when it comes to delivery — to cover their a** I think..

  2. Ive just bought loads of Octonauts stuff at Argos, its amazing, my little 4 year old is as high as a kite…me too.

  3. hi does anyone know if shellington and the others are going to be made ? my littleman really wants him

  4. It’s annoying that the same characters come with the different toys, so we’ll end up with 2 Kwaziis and Captain Barnacles but no Peso or Tweak for example!My son loves his Octopod though!

  5. We ordered for the Octopod and other bits on Amazon expecting a 3 months wait, so we would have it for christmas…… they have all arrived now!! We are sooo tempted to give them to our son now as they look so well made and pretty good fun! But, we are resisting and put them in the loft until December!! They are for sale also at Toysrus too. Just a shame there is no Peso, but I am sure most kids will just love finally having some octonauts toys to play with!

    • How exciting. I don’t know how you guys are resisting the temptation. I would play with it myself. 🙂

      • Hi. Keeping the octopod for xmas present aswell after managing to find one at asda for £25. Anyway emailed fisher price and they advise more characters will become available but currently not due for release until Jan 2012. If you look on amazon they have the characters listed ie. shellingtom, peso etc. and you can sign up to receive email updates when stock arrives… I’m over 40 years old and I’m getting excited by a kids tv show! Sad or just addicted?

  6. Anybody know when Tweak will be available? She is such a cool character and does the exciting engineering so we are very keen to have her to play with too.

  7. Fisher Price frankly suck- The point of the OCTO-nauts is that there are EIGHT characters. Not three as they seem to think. So shoddy …when I told my daughter that I couldn’t get her Tweak or Professor Inkling because the elves didn’t know how to make them she cried. It’s like having a range of Star wars toys without Luke or Leia. Idiots.

    • Yes. I don’t think Fisher-Price really gave this a lot of though, huh? It seems that whoever made the toys haven’t seen the show at all. On a lighter note, I think they are now slowly releasing other characters as well.

  8. Uhm… Finding this stuff in the United States has been a challenge as well. My mom was able to get some stuff from Amazon. However, everything else we find is spread all over the planet, other than the US. What gives? My son loves these little buggers!

  9. My nephew has his heart set on Octonauts Cake for his Birthday. I need it for this weekend. I didn’t realize how difficult it would be to get one of these figures. Any suggestions?

      • Thank you Kwazii, unfortunately I did not have sufficient time to allow shipping for any online shopping. I was able to take few pictures to a local bakery and they worked their magic with frosting. Surprisingly, they had the cake done in 24hrs. No figurines, but he was happy! 😀

  10. Are these available anywhere in north america (Canada) besides amazon (does not ship to Canada) and most of the ebay people and british sites are only shipping to the uk only.

  11. I love octonauts show but I don’t love their toys. The octopod toy is half of that of 1 in show. And while gups are interesting I question some acuracy seriously are main charates are captain barnacles gup a,c or possible x we will get to will say for now gup a. Kwazii gup b.sence I put cap in A and yeah I know dashi and tweak when feel its stressful sah that the later more so but anither story. Back on track put Dashi in gup D frankly I don’t trust shllington much and while controls of x being learned only certain ppl in gup x will he driving and not dashi’s turn to learn yet. Put crash happy shellington in gup c the 2 nd strongest gup. Peso in gup e for obvious reasons. E stands for emergency. If must only
    have 1 person in gup x make it tweak but really if possible have most if
    not all mains in gup x and make it a little bigger as it is larger
    porportianly so then other gups even a,c and e whifh are bit bigger then b and d. Their could also be sets with 1 gup and 2 octonauts. The octopod needs to be large enough to fit all characters and have 8 rooms plus kitchen and garden room, the medic center and the lab if you have to skip profesor inklings libary no 1 would shoot anyone of that. Octopod also needs realstic launch babe here’s a tip shrink the figures and gups but make sure they work in porportion gup a,c and e can fit 3 figures gup b 1 man only gup d two in a squish. Gup x can fit all main and then some. But it dosent have to be pusged that much. Minum perferbly all characters and 2 gups should comes with octopod. The octonauts are barnacles, kwazii, peso, dashi, shellington, tweak,inkling. Tunip some ppl would say counts other ppl say he or she is another vegimal me idk personally id put him in with octopod and have other vegimals sold seprate in pack. Also all toys should water capable as the series takes place in the sea. Really if I knew how I could so make toys better then the octonauts toys I have. found also some websites have dashi plush and she’s un marked just says octonauts plush. I just think the plastic figures, the octopods and gups can use some improvemen. I just think selection is limited confused and could be improved

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