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Octonauts Toys : Many of us have long awaited the release of Octonauts toys. A Gup A perhaps? or maybe a cool Octopod? Well, in a couple of months, some Octonaut toys will finally be released by Fisher Price.  Know the deets on these toys and see which one you’re going to get.

Watch Octonauts: We personally can’t wait for the second season to begin. We just can’t get enough of the Octonauts! We’ve been watching the same episodes over and over again and we’re ready for the next Octonaut adventures.  Click here to know where to Watch Octonauts

Octonauts Books: Get a copy of your favorite Octonauts story. You can also preorder some books. Know where to get them at the best price.

Octonauts Party: From cakes to costumes to Octonauts party theme. Many fans have made some of the best items for a great Octonauts party. Have you made an Octonauts’ birthday cake? Do you want to get some tips? Read on..

Octonauts Characters: Who’s you’re favorite among all the Octonauts characters? Captain Barnacles? Kwazii? Peso? One of the vegemals?

Octonauts Vehicles:  Which is the best gup? Read more about the different Octonauts vehicles here.

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    • Sorry I don’t. I’ll try to do some more research and ask around. There are however some UK based shops that deliver to the US — a lot more pricey though

  1. I am the marketing manager at the Birmingham SEA LIFE Centre in the UK and wondered if I caould let you know that we have the Octonauts with us from 2nd June. Visitors will get the chance to meet Kwasi and Captain Baranacles along with joining in with Octonauts activities. Let me know if you would like any other info.

    Thanks J

    • Hi Jamie

      How exciting! Could you please send me any photos or information that I can use for the article? You can send all info at admin(@)underseaheroes.com


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