Ode To The Missing Peso Action Figure

Ode To The Missing Peso Action Figure

Peso Plush figureIn July last year, many parents and kids got an early Christmas present when the Octonauts toys were released a month earlier than it was scheduled to. Parents scrambled to the toy shops in the UK and in less than a week, many shops had ran out of stock.

This excitement fizzled out just as quickly when many realized that many of the Octonauts figures were not available yet. Sure we were happy to see the Octopod, Captain Barnacles, Kwazii Cat and the three gups– but where in the world was Peso? That’s right, one of the main characters was amiss – you can only imagine the crying that ensued when the 3-year olds realized there was no Peso.

So here’s a little something I made for that Peso figure we all missed!

An Ode To The Missing Peso Figure

Oh Peso, where art thou?
The Octopod has arrived
yet you are not in sight.

There’s the Captain and Kwazii
and the Gups A, B and D

But alas my dear Peso, I do not see thee.


And now for the good news!

New Octonauts toy have just been released and now include our ever helpful Peso medic – the Octonaut with the heart of gold! I’ve just noticed that there are now Peso figures, a peso shirt and a Peso plush toy. Yay.

So for all of you Peso fans, Click Here to see our Octonaut Peso page.

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