Octonauts Room Decor Ideas

Octonauts bedroom decor

The Octonauts Bed

Octonauts toddler bedHave you seen the cutest Octonauts toddler beds? Nanite Beds from the UK makes them and they are grrreat, me hearties! The Gup-A inspired bed has all the complete buttons to make sleeptime something to look forward to with battery-operated searchlights, control panel and portholes. Unfortunately, this isn’t available in the US.

The Octonauts Bedding

The good news is that there are Octonauts Bedding, blankets and bed covers that can easily transform a bed into an Octonauts-themed room!

Octonauts bedding peso blanket
Captain Barnacles Fleece Blanket

Octonauts Bedding Single Duvet
not yet in the US

Octonauts Blanket tutorialAlternatively, you can make your own Octonauts blanket using felt paper!

Check out the Octonauts Blanket tutorial at SewBored —  Finished product pictured on the right — Pretty cool, huh?

Octonauts Room Decor And Accessories

Octonauts wall clock Not available in the US booklight


Since there aren’t a lot of Octonauts merchandise available in the US yet, here are some sea decor ideas that should fit in an Octonauts themed bedroom for kids.

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Get To Know Dashi From The Octonauts

Octonauts dashi plush toy

A Few Things About the Octonauts’ Dashi Dog

  • A sausage dog
  • She is the pod’s computer specialist and is in charge of the goings in and out of the Octopod.
  • She’s the official photographer
  • Had an Australian accent in the original Octonauts episodes in the UK
  • She’s the one in charge of the Octopod and often stays in to make sure things are running in order. But she sometime goes out too, notably the time she explored an underwater cave that turned out to be a whale shark
  • Dashi voice: Teresa Gallagher (UK Version)
  • She was named Sauci in the original book version

Octonauts Dashi Toys

Octonauts dashi plush toy
Dashi Plush toy – This is the smaller 5” one. I could not find the bigger 8” anywhere.
dashi and electric torpedo ray
Dashi and the Electric Torpedo ray creature pack


Octonauts Dashi – A video Tribute

This one includes Shellington and Dashi. The images of Dashi starts at 1:32

Dashi Get’s Swallowed by a Whale Shark


Octonauts Dashi Fan Pic

Meanwhile, around the interwebs, many Dashi fans are making their own drawings and (even Octonauts stories) about Dashi.. Here are some pics.

Queen Dashi
Queen Dashi
Octonauts dashi
Dashi with Peso and Kwazii
Dashi Emu
Dashi Emu

Octonauts Gup E Toy Vehicle

Gup E toy vehicle

The Gup-E which is the Octonauts’ very own version of an “ambulance”  can now be part of your child’s fantasy undersea world.

gupeThe Gup E toy vehicle comes with Peso and much like the other gup toys, this is both water and land friendly.  The gup E toy has a back and front compartment which can fit Octonaut figures (now I’m sure you can already imagine your little one playing with this!)

This gup can be your child’s little gup submarine in the bath. There are two doors attached by a hinge. One door where the Octonauts can sit does not allow water to go in. However, the other door can be pushed open as the gup submerges then releasing the three fish (now that they’re all healthy and well!) out into the water.

This is smaller than the other toy gups but still just as good value for money.

Click Here For More Info

Introducing The gup toys including the Gup E

Releasing the fish as the gup goes down
Gup E toy vehicle
gup e toy vehicle


Click Here For More Info


Back To School With An Octonauts Backpack With Front Pocket

It’s the start of the schoolyear again and what better way to go to school than with an Octonauts backpack?

Your preschooler/kindergartener is going to love this school bag  with the picture of Peso, Kwazii and Captain Barnacles on it (and “don’t forget its got the spiky pufferfish on it too, Mommy”  my son says!)



This bag can carry your preschoolers books to school or he can also use it for taking the Octonauts toys he/she has with him on a picnic or off to a make-believe underwater world.

What I love most about this Octonauts backpack is that it’s very easy to clean. All you need is to wipe it dry and voila! it’s clean. Great for busy parents like us!

Compared to other Octonauts bag, this one has a front pocket which is great for the extra little things your child wants easy access to. Plus it’s added “storage” as this isn’t the biggest of backpacks out there. Know more.

Octonauts Creature Report Octopus Song Words

Calling All Octonauts!

Kwazii..Peso.. Shellington…Dashi…Inkling…Tweak…Tunip.


Kwazii! Activate Creature Report!

Creature Report! Creature Report.

Creature Report

An Octopus can change its skin… (check…check)

To whatever place its in.. (check…check)

He can change from big  to small (creature report)

Because he has no bones at all (creature report, creature report)

He squeezes into tiny spaces (check, check, check)

That is how he hides inside surprising places

Go Octopus… Go Octopus… Go Octopus

Creature Report, Creature Report (creature report)

We’re done with our mission, Octonauts at ease

Until the next adventure!!!!!!!!!!!