The Octonauts Have Landed On The US Of A

The Octonauts Have Landed On The US Of A

The Octonauts In USAYes. That’s right! The Octonauts have finally crossed the pond and are now rocking at the US of A!

The program debuted January 9 of this year and judging from the traffic this site is getting, it seems that kids and parents are quickly becoming big fans of the tv series.

Big shout out to all the US Octonauts fans…

Here are some info on the Octonauts Show in the USA

  • The Octonauts schedule on the Disney Junior channel: weekdays: 11.30 am ET/PT – weekends: 7:00 am
  • A lot of you have been asking about Octonauts toys. From what I can see,  the toys are not yet available in US toy shops. They are however available online. If you go to the Octonauts toys page on this site, you will notice that some of the toys are being sold by online retailers based in the USA. They’re quite pricey.

    But I’m no longer surprise about this.  There doesn’t seem to be enough of the Octonauts toys around and the price can go as high as twice or 3x the usual price. I can only imagine the commotion that will ensue come Christmas time!

12 thoughts on “The Octonauts Have Landed On The US Of A

  1. Hello from Canada,

    My kids LOVE the Octonauts. Any idea on when a DVD or books will be available in Canada?

    • I don’t know of any place that sells them in Canada yet. However, you can buy them from Amazon US.

      • According to Meomi’s Octonaut Facebook page, the initial DVD release is out in Canada. It’s got five episodes. Not quite the deal the UK got with a full season boxed set, but that’s the gouge and screw North American mindset for you.

      • they sell the books at indigo. there’s one dvd available from future shop.. i think indigo has it too on pre-order or something….

    • There are 3 Octonauts DVD’s now available from I live the US and that’s where I got my DVD’s!

    • Octonauts DVDs are available in Canada at Walmart and Target. It’s distributed by kaboom entertainment

  2. Does anyone know when a dvd will be released in the US? I can’t find them at all on Amazon or ebay for US viewing and I don’t have a multi region player. Any info would be appreciated. The Octonauts is my daugther’s new favorite show!

  3. I just contacted Fisher Price and they said Octonauts toys should go on sale in the U.S. in spring 2013.

    • Thanks for that info Angelique… A bit late for Christmas but I guess this is the way it goes with these toy launches.

  4. for books in Canada you can ask your local book store they should be able to get them in. they are available now. our small local book store got a few just in time for Christmas. as for toys, toy craze on amazon is the best prices I’ve found. shipping to the US is free, but to Canada is crazy expensive. but currently everything left on amazon is way over priced.

  5. Any idea when Octonauts DVDs will be available in US in region 1 format? I have a two year old who has meltdowns when Octonauts is not on TV, and would really appreciate the DVD.

  6. hi my son (2) loves the octonauts he goes every where with kwazii. i would love to give him a octonaut bed set do we know when or if they will be in the usa

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