The Octonauts On The Web

The Octonauts On The Web

I’ve been reading some blogs about the Octonauts and found these.

Octonauts DVD
The Octonauts DVD will be released at the end of this month.


More Octonauts Merchandise Released:

For many of you who have been patiently waiting for Octonauts merchandise, here’s some good news.  The Octonauts duvet is out just in time for Christmas. Also, the Octonauts DVD is now available for preorder!  The schedule for release is October 31

Octonauts Fans In Australia:

Note: Meet the Octonauts DVD is not the one pictured here.  This is the DVD for Octonauts fans

A few blogs based in Australia are giving the Octonauts DVD out the Octonauts DVD:

And This Is Why Kids And Parents Love the Octonauts

Meet more parents who just love the Octonauts.

  • Caught – Here’s a mum who loves the Octonauts just as much as many of us do.  I like this,

“So I unashamedly promote the Octonauts and their values and enjoy their tales of life under the ocean waves.  I shall miss them when my little chap switches allegiances.”

That’s exactly what I feel too. In fact, after watching so many Octonauts episodes over and over again, my son seems to be getting bored with them and is moving on to some other shows.  And I do miss them. I’m hoping the second series will come out soon to reignite the fire.

And From

With Christmas coming, we’ve added some special pages for people who want to buy the Octonauts Octopod Playset and the Octonauts Gups.  There’s also a page on the  new Ravensburger Octonauts Puzzle. We’ve also added more reviews of the Octonauts toys available right now.

[box type=”info”] If you have any news about the Octonauts or just had an Octonauts party or just want to drop us a note about your and your kids love of the Octonauts, please send us a note, and we’ll be more than happy to put it on this site![/box]

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  1. Any idea when toys and the DVD may be released in the USA??

  2. I paid the premium shipping from Australia. My mistake but heads up to others the DVD does not work in our standard USA DVD machines. We need the USA version and not sure when that will be.

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