Octonauts Episode Guide

Here’s the Octonauts Episode Guide list for the past three seasons plus the Special episodes.

Octonauts Episodes Guide Series 1

Episode 1 – The Octonauts And The Whale Shark
Episode 2 – The Octonauts And The Undersea Storm
Episode 3 – The Octonauts And The Crab And Urchin
Episode 4 – The Octonauts and the Walrus Chief
Episode 5 – The Octonauts And The Flying Fish
Episode 6 – The Octonauts And The Giant Squid
Episode 7 – The Octonauts And The Orcas
Episode 8 – The Octonauts And The Great Algae Escape
Episode 9 – The Octonauts And The Remipedes
Episode 10 – The Octonauts And The Speedy Sailfish
Episode 11 – The Octonauts And The Blobfish Brothers
Episode 12 – The Octonauts And The Monster Map
Episode 13 – The Octonauts And The Lost Sea Star
Episode 14 – The Octonauts And The Albino Humpback Whale
Episode 15 – The Octonauts and The Giant Kelp Forest
Episode 16 – The Octonauts And The Enemy Anemonies
Episode 17 – The Octonauts And The Narwhal
Episode 18 – The Octonauts And The Midnight Zone
Episode 19 – The Octonauts And The Snapping Shrimp
Episode 20 – The Octonauts And The Snot Sea Cucumber
Episode 21 – The Octonauts And The Giant Whirlpool
Episode 22 –  The Octonauts And The Hermit Crabs
Episode 23 – The Octonauts And The Mixed Up Whales
Episode 24 – The Octonauts And The Kelp Forest Rescue
Episode 25 – The Octonauts And The Decorator Crab
Episode 26 – The Octonauts And The Beluga Whales
Episode 27 – Octonauts And The Hungry Pilot Fish
Episode 28 –  Octonauts And The Vampire Squid
Episode 29 – Octonauts And The Seahorse Tale
Episode 30 – Octonauts And The Giant Comb Jelly
Episode 31 – Octonauts And The Cookiecutter Shark
Episode 32 – Octonauts And The Oarfish
Episode 33 – Octonauts And The Combtooth Blenny
Episode 34 – Octonauts And The Jellyfish Bloom
Episode 35 – Octonauts And The Baby Dolphin
Episode 36 – Octonauts And The Scary Spookfish
Episode 37 – Octonauts And The Arctic Orcas
Episode 38 – Octonauts And The Slime Eels
Episode 39 – Octonauts And The Enormous Elephant SEal
Episode 40 –  Octonauts And The Sardine School
Episode 41 – Octonauts And The Dolphin Reef Rescue
Episode 42 – Octonauts And The Eel Ordeal
Episode 43 – Octonauts And The Marine Iguanas
Episode 44 – Octonauts And The Dwarf Lanternshark
Episode 45 – Octonauts And the Parrot Fish
Episode 46 – Octonauts And The Electric Torpedo Rays
Episode 47 – Octonauts And The Crafty Cuttlefish
Episode 48 – Octonauts And The Lost Lemon Shark
Episode 49 – Octonauts And The Humuhumunukunukuapa’a
Episode 50 – Octonauts And The Giant Spider CRab
Episode 51 – Octonauts And The Great Penguin Race – A Christmas Special
Episode 52 – The Octonauts and The Great Christmas Rescue – Christmas Special 2011

Octonauts Episodes Guide Series 2

Episode 1 – Octonauts And The Colossal Squid
Episode 2 – Octonauts And The Adelie Penguin
Episode 3 – Octonauts and the Coconut Crbs
Episode 4 –  Octonauts and the Great White Shark
Episode 5 – Octonauts and the Sea Snakes
Episode 6 – Octonauts and the Bowhead Whales
Episode 7 – Octonauts and the Jawfish
Episode 8 – Octonauts and the Porcupine Pufferfish
Episode 9 – Octonauts and the Damselfish
Episode 10 – Octonauts and the Sperm Whale
Special Episode: Octonauts and The Amazon Adventure
Episode 11 – Octonauts and the Long Armed Squid
Episode 12 – Octonauts and the Fiddler Crabs
Episode 13 – Octonauts and the Manta Rays
Episode 14 – Octonauts and the Swashbuckling Swordfish
Episode 15 –  Octonauts and the Triggerfish
Episode 16 – Octonauts and the Mimic Octopus
Episode 17 – Octonauts and the Lionfish
Episode 18 – Octonauts and the Leafy Sea Dragons
Episode 19 – Octonauts and the Manatees
Episode 20 – Octonauts and the Saltwater Crocodile
Special Episode: The Mariana Trench Adventure
Episode 21 – Octonauts and the Humphead Parrotfish
Episode 22 – Octonauts and the Gulper Heels

Octonauts Episodes Guide Series 3

Episode 1 – Octonauts and the Siphonophore

Episode 2 – Octonauts and the Water Bears

Episode 3 – Octonauts and the Cone Snails

Episode 4 - Octonauts and the Artificial Reef

Episode 5 - Octonauts and the Humpback Whales

Episode 6 - Octonauts and the Pelicans

Episode 7 –  Octonauts and the Sea Pigs

Episode 8 - Octonauts and the Yeti Crab

Special Episode: Octonauts and a very Vegimal Christmas

8 Responses to Octonauts Episode Guide

  1. You left out episode 52-Octonauts and the Great Christmas Rescue. If you don’t belive me, check Wikipedia and see for yourself.

    • Kwazii Cat Fan

      That’s right. Thanks for reminding me. I haven’t updated that page yet — will do very soon. It’s been hectic here. :-)

  2. Mslamom

    Is there any way, besides Youtube, to watch Octonauts in the USA?

    • Kwazii Cat Fan

      It’s on the Disney Junior channel. Apart from that, I don’t know. Anyone here have any ideas?

  3. Kimberly Stotler

    Is there anyway to watch octonauts online in the us

  4. Vegimal lover

    I love very vegimal Christmas! If you haven’t seen it yet, SEE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!

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